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Topic subjectCamanche TOC check in info
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48221, Camanche TOC check in info
Posted by dbalaba, Mon Oct-28-19 08:59 PM
Hey guys the championship is this weekend at lake Camanche. We’ll be launching from the north shore marina, 2000 Camanche Rd, Ione, CA 95640.

Checking 630-655
Launch 700
Weigh in 330

Launch 700
Weigh in 230

See everyone up there!
48222, RE: Camanche TOC check in info
Posted by mteman, Tue Oct-29-19 03:03 PM
Count me in. If the power is on :+

BTW Sunday is the end of daylight savings time. Sunrise is 6:30am after we move the clocks back.
Gonna be pretty light out at 7, and we can get in another hour of fishing time if we launch at 6. just sayin :P