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Topic subjectLings on the Steady at SRI
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2322, Lings on the Steady at SRI
Posted by Stardust, Tue Oct-11-16 07:20 PM
Coral Sea 10.11.16
3/4 day SRI
We fished rather far away again today at Santa Rosa Island with very good lingcod fishing. The rockfish fishing was OK, the quality on everything today was very nice. 24 Anglers, 66 Lingcod, 84 Rockfish. Conditions were a little off From ideal but not a bad day, beautiful weather and a very nice bunch of people to fish with. We are 1/2 day fishing Thursday & Friday, if you want to do more 3/4 day fishing- jump on the Stardust Thursday or Friday. Book online or call 805-963-3564.