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Topic subject3.1.17 opening day reports!
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2328, 3.1.17 opening day reports!
Posted by Stardust, Wed Mar-01-17 04:56 PM
3.1.17 Stardust
3/4 day trip
Hello everybody, here is your 3/4 day report for the stardust. We had beautiful weather conditions today and headed across to Santa Rosa island. We fished mostly in the deeper water range and caught very nice reds and chucks in the morning. We jumped around a lot through the mid day in search of bitting fish but only found a few spots willing to participate.

Our later afternoon fishing was decent with one spot that kicked out over 50 fish of various species, all very nice quality. In the end for our 29 anglers we caught 80 reds, 130 chucklehead and 30 misc. rockfish and 10 lingcod. The stardust has a SUPER LIGHT LOAD and you can make reservations through our website or call the Sea landing at 805-963-3564

Coral Sea
Good afternoon folks, we are making our way toward to dock in beautiful weather after a nice day of fishing at the islands for the beginning trip of our season. We got off the dock today with a full load of 25 anglers and headed across.
With conditions on our side we spent most of our day in the deeper water anywhere from 270-300 feet. Very nice quality with almost every fish being a Red or Copper Rockfish. Our group consisted of almost all familiar faces and everyone worked very well with one another and were able to stay efficient and take advantage of the opportunities we had.

Our 25 anglers ended the day with 202 Copper Rockfish, 41 Reds, 5 misc. Rockfish, 2 Cabezon, 3 whitefish and 4 Lingcod.

The Coral Sea is all booked up through the 5th however the Stardust is very light on reservations for Thursday. Please call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 to make a reservation or visit our website to book online.