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Boat thefts
Serious BS http://www.sfg ate.com/crime/articl e/Bethel-Island-boat -theft-wave-hits-har d-4008038.php
swimbaitNov-05-12 11:11 AM
by Lake
First Delta Trip
So, I've finally purchased a bass boat and I'm planning my first trip to the delta mid to late November. I'm looking for a little info/advice from so
C-hunt209Oct-28-12 10:45 PM07067
CA Bass Federation TOC - Clear Lake
Day 1, 30lbs is leading. Lake and Cameron both had 19lbs. Sounds like the bite turned on with many bags over 20 in a non-shared weight event. Good
swimbaitSep-21-12 07:09 PM06637
Wakebait hooksets
What is the best way to set the hook using a larger 9 inch plus wakebait? I am using cxx and an okuma gs xh heavy rod. My best method is to wait a
jigndoublewideSep-11-12 07:37 PM
by jigndoublewide
Rollins Lake
Hey anyone got any info on Rollins Lake? I just moved up to Grass Valley and want to do some fishing. I know there are about 4 different access poin
kunafloatAug-29-12 01:49 PM05370
Good job CV
Good job Cris and Jeremy on your 3rd place finish at Bass Fest. Solid finish with 230+ boats in the event. :-)
LakeAug-21-12 01:55 PM04879
World Series of Bass Pages 1 | 2 | 3
I am so applying to get on the reality show. A 2 tiered circuit with a shot at $600,000. You kiddin me http://www.wor ldseriesofbass.com/
swimbaitAug-14-12 07:26 PM
by AuntKitty
World Record Striper Disallowed
Because of the A-rig... http://w ww.grindtv.com/outdo or/blog/34400/angler +catches+fish+but+mi llion-dollar+prize+g ets+away/
Carrot TopAug-10-12 03:46 PM
by Carrot Top
Outdoor Heritage Tourneys
Glad to see this new circuit coming online with Gary Dobyns leading the way and a good founding team of fishermen. Hoping to make a few events this y
swimbaitAug-07-12 08:34 PM02951
Delta in serious trouble
Tell Governor Moonbeam that this is is going to further damage the Delta to the point of no return. This needs to be stopped if the Delta is to
BASSCATJul-22-12 10:46 PM02614
Brent Ehrler involved in car accident
Guys - Be safe out there while towing ! http://www.wi red2fish.com/Ehrler- Involved-in-Car-Acci dent-WhatsUp6956 http://www.wired 2fish.com/
BASSCATJul-19-12 07:13 AM02764
http://fishstrong.co m/elite-series-rooki e-kyle-fox-suspended /
swimbaitJul-18-12 11:24 AM
by Lake
July - Lake Tahoe / Fallen Leaf Lake
Stayed at Lake Tahoe for 8 days for family vacation. Chambers landing. The lake is huge. Not many people seem to fish there. An article I read sai
swimbaitJul-08-12 02:03 PM02767
We thought Ca. DFG was rough on us fisherman. WOW Wi. DNR has us beat by a ton. This fishing in a box deal for the Elites is horrible
LakeJun-27-12 10:33 AM02678
Congrats Rod Lee
Rod won the AC Pro/Am TOC this weekend on the Delta. There's some convoluted system they use to have a tourney within the tournament for the TOC, but
swimbaitJun-11-12 09:31 AM02571
White Slough
Hey Folks, I am yet to fish at White Slough but want to head out there in the next week. I have a 10 ft Jon with just a trolling motor so I can't cov
kunafloatMay-16-12 11:21 PM
by Tm Customs
CBF Region 3 Delta Results
Name Total Weight 1 Charlie Delight 21.83------B ig Fish 12.59 2 Ben Willis 21.45 3 Ar chie Steele 17.31 4 Cr aig Stewart 16.40 5 B rian Carp
LakeMay-08-12 02:50 PM02645
Elite Series vids online
http://www.bassmaste r.com/video/elite-se ries-full-shows
swimbaitApr-30-12 07:12 PM02595
Nice work, Zaldain making the cut at Bull Shoals today in 35th. $10,000k check is going to feel good :)
swimbaitApr-21-12 07:44 PM
Hi Folks, I am looking into getting a Bow Mounted 45lbs Thrust Trolling Motor for a Jon Boat. Any suggestions on types of battery and charger. The o
kunafloatApr-13-12 11:09 PM
by Ryan C
MFL - more
Mmmm, sudden death fishoff. Yummy :) This format in general is fun. You watch and you're glued to it the whole time. Well except the part wher
swimbaitApr-03-12 09:02 PM
by swimbait
CA Bass Federation Clear Lake results
Region 3 results are posted on the CBF website Congrats to Matt Saavedra for the win and the rest of the top guys who were able to put together a g
LakeMar-26-12 03:14 PM02872
A few little videos
Managed to catch a few on flim Nothin too special http://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=TRpiU GACAR8&context=C4e3c 325ADvjVQa1PpcFPsYAb 5WDPrZxc2yv03Z3Y
Tm CustomsMar-16-12 01:19 AM02469
15 BILLION Delta tunnel project
Article from Sac. Bee http://www.sac bee.com/2012/02/20/4 276513/water-tunnels -would-be-huge-proje ct.html
BASSCATFeb-25-12 09:33 AM
by Nufo
Anatomy of Bassmaster Magazine
Page 1: from the editor: This year my goal is to catch a giant bass. I used minnows for a week with a guide but only got a 6 pounder. We got gypped
swimbaitFeb-24-12 09:54 AM
by barse41
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