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Pictures Needed... [View all]
I am putting together a computer slide show of fish caught using Big Hammer swimbaits and I'm looking for pictures. This slide show may be used at th
Leapin BassSep-30-02 06:23 PM
by Leapin Bass

puddingstone plant [View all]
Does anyone know if they stock puddingstone with trout this week. And can anyone tell me how to get to the north shore. I've been to pudd a bunch of t
hookjawNov-02-02 08:27 AM
by hookjaw
Replies to this topic:
RE: puddingstone plant, TC, Nov 01st 2002, #1
RE: puddingstone plant, hookjaw, Nov 02nd 2002, #2

FishingKids.com 3rd annual Cystic Fibrosis bass tournam... [View all]
will be held at Lake Casitas on May 24th. BBQ to follow with raffle and awards. Great prizes and lots of fun. we are also having our 2nd in our ser
ErnieMay-07-03 08:34 PM0876

Does anyone know [View all]
what the hell is going on at Shimano? I heard that there have been some people leaving, but when I've called there the last three days I get put termi
CJAug-01-03 07:11 PM
by CJ
Replies to this topic:
Got the info I needed..Thanks Guys., CJ, Aug 01st 2003, #1

Calling Brian Long!!!! [View all]
Hey, From what I hear your a good rod maker and I was wondering if you could make me a 6'8 wormin and a spinnerbait rod . Just respond and we will w
DErEkNov-09-03 01:58 PM
by brian
Replies to this topic:
RE: Calling Brian Long!!!!, brian, Nov 09th 2003, #1

stocker info..HELP!!! [View all]
where can i get a stocker via phone or email or website or something?!? i really want one now that i have a slammer. what all finishes do they have?
PatrickNov-07-01 02:56 PM
by Patrick

Walking Stick Sinkers? [View all]
Have you guys ever used these? They're a stiff piece of wire shaped like a 7 with an egg sinker treaded up the long leg less than halfway and held in
Wade at work2Nov-08-01 09:02 AM
by Wade at work2

SM bay REPORT march 9 [View all]
4 legal halibut - one 9 pounder. 2 sculpin, half dozen bass. Fish seem to be responding to DEAD squid better than live. Fished Topanga area. Boa
SCOTT GMar-09-02 05:29 PM

Improve your boat handling & safety [View all]
Dozens of articles on boat handling, safety,launching, anchoring, docking, rough seas, equipment, maintenance, etc. are available at www. boatsafe.com
SalmonoidJul-01-02 01:24 PM
by Salmonoid

Outboard problem [View all]
Can anyone diagnose the following outboard problem? Nissan 6hp kicker motor. Very calm water. 3/4 throttle. Hand temporarily off the tiller handle,
SalmonoidOct-10-02 01:00 PM
by Salmonoid
Replies to this topic:
RE: Outboard problem, fongster, Oct 09th 2002, #1
RE: Outboard problem, Salmonoid, Oct 10th 2002, #2

Saltwater Tackle Show & Sale!!!! [View all]
Have you all heard about the "Tackle Retailer's Co-op" Fall Fishing Extravaganza? I just flipped through the Western Outdoor News today and I found t
hookup90247Nov-03-02 02:21 PM
by hookup90247
Replies to this topic:
RE: Saltwater Tackle Show & Sale!!!!, gimme, Nov 03rd 2002, #1
RE: Saltwater Tackle Show & Sale!!!!, hookup90247, Nov 03rd 2002, #2

horsepower to thrust conversion [View all]
I've got an 11 foot inflatable that can hold a 3 hp motor on it. All of the trolling motors I've seen are rated in thrust. Does anyone know how much t
MDITTERLINENov-11-02 03:24 PM
by fongster
Replies to this topic:
RE: horsepower to thrust conversion, fongster, Nov 11th 2002, #1

silverwood [View all]
well Im going to silverwood sunday I will report
okiebugOct-18-03 09:11 PM0875

Free fishing Seminars in Huntington Beach [View all]
Boater's World, 5912 Edinger Ave. (at the s/w corner of Edinger & Springdale next to Von's Mkt), Huntington Beach. is sponsering a series of boat
FangDec-23-03 11:25 AM0875

Shad size [View all]
What is the length of the Shad in the So. Cal. lakes during the late winter run when you guys are catching the stripers?..Nathan www.Bettencourtbai t
nathanJun-17-05 08:24 AM
by Fishing805Fever
Replies to this topic:
RE: Shad size, Fishing805Fever, Jun 17th 2005, #1

MWD meeting. Get a beer you need it to cry in. [View all]
MWD Round-up. I went to the MWD meeting on Tuesday. I and everyone else who put in a request was allowed to speak for only 3 minutes. The meeting la
James ThompsonOct-20-01 07:28 PM
by James Thompson

Hooked on Plastics still in business [View all]
Does anybody know if Hooked On Plastics in northern California is still in business?
robborFeb-25-02 09:38 PM
by robbor

Starter Boat for Sale [View all]
I have a very reliable and great family/fishing boat for sale. It's a 16ft 79' Glastron Trihull with 85HP Johnson with tilt & trim. Motor runs very st
jeffJun-06-02 01:45 AM
by jeff

Charter/Private Boats [View all]
If anyone needs another body for a group fishing (translation: private charter or just a charter w/approx 20 people) from ventura to newport beach. P
BullfrogSep-30-02 11:28 AM
by Bullfrog

Rob Belloni and John Lake [View all]
Good Luck to Rob Belloni and John Lake this weekend. They are fishing in the Tournament of Champions for Western Outdoor News Bass up at Clear Lake.
Mrs SwimbaitOct-18-01 08:44 AM
by Mrs Swimbait

Im now an offidial member! [View all]
so hows the fishin been lately?
PatrickNov-14-01 12:26 PM
by Patrick

drop shot [View all]
What is your favorite drop shot set up do you fish it straight up and down can you cast it
fishtraxJan-16-02 07:08 PM
by fishtrax
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