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Jeff (Guest)Mon May-07-01 02:28 AM
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#1319, "Lake Lopez and Cachuma"


Any one have any info on the bass fishing at Lopez and Cachuma? Planning a trip up there in a couple of weeks and need a little info for what to take.


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Brian #2 (Guest)Mon May-07-01 06:54 AM
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#1320, "RE: Lake Lopez and Cachuma"
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Well Jeff,
Fish at cachuma are going to be in postspawn transitioning to summer. I havent been up there in like 2 or three weeks so your guess is as mine. I think try a small topwater in the morning or throw white blades probably your best bet it Johnson's Bay on the left side and start in at the first fair sized cove. This cove has a great brush line around it in about 5-8 ft of water. Fish parallel to the shore. In the back of that cove there is some good brush and if you just throw your topwater into about 1-2 ft of water and work it back to the boat at about a 45 degree angle you should probably pick off a fish there. Just keep working down that shore line. Then once the sun is up i'd go hit up jack rabbit flats with a rip bait i'd probably go with a 5" rapala Husky Jerk in tennisee shad or crome with a black back. Just go and rip jack rabbit and see if you cant pull some fish there. Work that place in about 6-8 ft of water. If you dont do anything there head up to Santa Cruz bay and worm the point there. I'd use a 6 inch worm in purple. Also throw some shad colored cranks on the point there. A great bet if you dont want to throw topwaters in the morning is to head over to Stork Flat and rip a 3 1/2 to 4 inch rip bait on the flat. I'd throw a lucky craft pointer 78 in Ghost minnow. That is a great bite if the fish are there. I personally do that if i were going up there rather than try top water (i dont like topwater that much). But that's what i would try and do....so Good Luck

Brian #2


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