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Trophy Sticks

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Chris Fenton( Auburn, CA) Mar 16, 2010
not good, not cool and the truth!
I\'ve put many hours on these for very lil fish and they have peeled/cracked. Out of the dozen I\'ve bought, the only one that never peeled was one I found. I\'m never buying another one ever! The distributor/owner of these lures also harrassed me when I complained about them on fishing boards a few years ago.
Brigham( Oaklan, CA) Nov 21, 2008
Have any of you had trouble with the lures spliting? Wondering if it happening to anybody else the two I bought online finish split.
Mike P( Sacramento, CA) Jul 07, 2008
Trophy Sticks
Trophy Sticks are off the hook. They are my preferred trophy lure in most of the places I fish. It is very consistent and if the fish are biting they will hit it. It has a great action and looks very promising, just looking at it. It is very detailed and actually looks better than any jerkbait out there. We have caught monster bass throughout the Sac valley and delta as well as Shadow Cliffs in the bay area, San Pablo and has produced sizeable fish to say the least at Vaqueros, Chabot & Del Valle. It is great on all trout as well. The Trophy Stick is my favorite jerkbait by far.
Barry Collins( Bridgeport, CA) Jun 09, 2008
Trophy Sticks
I have used these lures on the last 6 outings to Bridgeport Reservoir & Twin Lakes and all I can say is get you some of these lures. I have caught a ton of fish on these at Bridgeport Reservoir as have many anglers who live near here have as well as visitors who buy them up at both stores daily and catch fish with them left and right. They are deadly trolled at 4mph all over Bridgeport. All 3 patterns are great on the twins. These guys giving reviews of this lure must have never ran one before. They are absolutely spectacular. All the other big fish catching boys in this area have been using the sticks and we are more than happy. Rapalas,(which are made in China by the way) are a simple version of this highly detailed bait. Don't miss out on seeing how effective this bait is. You guys sound a little too proud to be an american with your ranting. We run this lure. It is no joke. By far the best trophy trout lure I have ever seen and I am friends with Bringhurst and a few other guys (former and current state record holders of California, Oregon, and Utah, & Washington, Nevada. I know some of the best handmade lure makers out there and it doesn't even matter because I know where to get the Trophy Sticks! A few of us have been running these lately and are in awe at the results they produce. Thumbs up to Trophy Sticks, even if they where made on the moon. I don't really care, as long as they catch fish. Boy do they!

Barry Collins
Darin( Sutterfield, CA) Jun 04, 2008
Best jerkbait on the market
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They are one of the best jerkbaits on the market today. Bar none! These things produce for everyone I know on all fishing communities I belong too. These are far from knock offs. They catch fish, what else do you want. This is a top of the line product that has been well proven. My personal friends including top name guides on Tahoe are nailing fish and yes it is true out of at least 100-150 trophy sticks everyone I know has bought directly from them we haven't had a single quality issue with them, how do you like those numbers. Get you some trophy sticks and take your trolling game to the next level.
Todd Selious( Reno, NV) May 15, 2008
Trophy Sticks
The trophy sticks are one of my favorite all around trophy lure. It is definitely one of the most universal trophy lures out there. It catches pretty much every species and we have had a smorgasboard at multiple lakes catching beautiful trophy class fish of all species in a single day. The 6" Tui Chub is my personal best lure for Pyramid. I got Delta Stripers on the 6" Silver Platter up to 19 pounds this spring and I have got up to a 6.9 pound brown trout on the 5" rainbow. I also have caught numerous big Mackinaw (trophy class) this year already on the silver platter in all sizes. This is a must have lure. In all colors. This time of year I can't keep the smallies off that Tui Chub either. A truly great lure. I recommend them to any fisherman.
T. Sharp( Roseville, CA) Jan 13, 2008
Trophy Sticks
I have been using the Trophy Sticks for several months now. I have all the colors in all the sizes. I have mainly been using them trolling for Browns and Macs and they have been a very effective lure. My favorite, has been the 5.5" baby bow. Out of the 10 I own I have only had to tune one, all others have been perfect right out of the box. Trophy Sticks have become my go to lure.

The colors and patterns are just outstanding. Looking forward to them expanding their line in the future.


Dan Stewart( Bishop, CA) Jan 08, 2008
Trophy Sticks

I've been using Trophy Sticks since October 2007 and have had much success, especially for Browns here in the Eastern Sierra. I like the slower wobble it produces over one of its competitors and has awesome action when jerked. I also like the finishes, particularly on the Baby Bow. I've had to do a little tuning once in a while. There are more expensive Baits which I have and can afford but the Trophy Sticks are my #1 choice.
Adrian Attrill( Riverside, CA) Jan 01, 2008
Trophy Sticks
This is the best stick bait on the market! The detail of the lure is incredible. They work excellent on all predatory fish from trout to stripers. The baby bow pattern is my favorite for brown trout and all patterns for other species. It produces amazing results when adding a ripping or jigging retrieve.
Phil( Lincoln, CA) Dec 31, 2007
Trophy Sticks
I am really impressed at the detail and overall quality of these trophy stick lures. I have fished them all over the states including Canada and have caught Rainbows, Browns, Macks and even a smallmouth or two on them. They run true and only need some very minor tuning (I am picky). Thumbs up on these baits.
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