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Rago Baits - Baby Tool

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Richard Lund( Oak View, CA) Sep 28, 2007
Rago's Baby Tool
Possibly my favorite bait and it is super realistic and very durable. I dont see a reason to modify anything on it. This lure is a consistent fish catcher, Find good spot on spot structure at a depth close to the depth the fish are holding at and your in buisness. Just throw it out deep, let it sink, then work it back past the cover on the point with some changes in speed. It has a vey realistic action and I own 14 of them so that should tell you how much I like them. the bait comes in plenty of colors and sink types. I've got 1 in bass and 1 in striper as well as floaters, floating divers and sinkers. This bait will screen out the smaller fish and get you quality fish if they are in the area you are targeting. I always have one tied on, I use a Calcutta 401 TE with an 8' Graftech heavy and it seems to work well. I also own 3 of the 10in and like to drag them behind the boat deadsticking them while I fish the 8 in. It is kind of cool to hear a fish crash that lure while you are casting another. I wish the tail matched the bait Jerry and he said he was not set up to paint that type material. I think the soft tail on a hard jointed bait gives it its realistic action and I think it has filled a niche for a very realistic shaped trout bait. I know the tails let some light through and I like that as well as the fact that I wont lose the paint off of the tail. I think it is worth the money and Casitas has plenty of fish big enough for this bait. Very realistic looking lure for a very clear resevoir, it is so nice to have. I love a target rich enviroment.
Brian Linehan( Murrieta, CA) Dec 29, 2006
Nice bait
This bait looks real good in the water. Very realistic! However, I have purchased 2 of them and have broken the fins off and the tail split. Awesome bait if the quality would improve. Rago has a great "eye" for detail.
Big Johnson( Big pine, CA) Dec 18, 2006
Baby tool
This swimbait in the 8" class in my opinion is in its own class when it comes to usage from constant casting and retriving to even trolling and dead sticking. Great quality swim bait and all around in the water and swimming action is superb from slow to modertly fast speeds. Babby tool is a must from jerry Rago , and if your pockets arent as full his soft baits are superb also.
Lucas Boden( Elk Grove, CA) Dec 14, 2006
baby tool
I received the baby tool off of the forum on a weight guess contest. thanks again to jerry and rob for giving us all the oppurtunity at so many different products for free!

now, the baby tool...

pros: awesome paint job, amazing action in the water, does not have the same S action of other baits, the two front fins allow the head to stay still as the tail section wags back and forth maybe 2 inches. very subtle action, and very easily mistaken for a cruising trout. as with all the other rago products-the baby tool came with awesome hooks and split rings. i threw this bait on some very stubborn spots at oroville a few weeks ago and they were very interested in it (more than a hudd or TT), but would not eat any swimbaits. probably because DFG had just release 200,000 baby salmon... anyways, i had twice as many follows as the other two baits combined, just my lack of knowledge allowed me to not be able to get them to bite.

Cons: color of the tail doesnt quite match the body, i could see very picky fish rejecting the bait because of it, but looking up at it if it is cloudy, it is hard for me to tell there is much of a difference. also i hit the shoreline and about an 1/8th of an inch of the back fin broke off. this was after, maybe 5 hours of casting... so i do not think the fins will break on the cast, but be careful not to hit the bank or they will chip. that's the price to pay for the realism factor.

awesome bait by jerry, well worth $100. i'd like to see the tail colors match the bait, even if it would cost a little bit more. looking forward to throwing this bait more once the bite actually turns on up here in nor. cal.
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