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Topic subjectRE: Scent applicators?
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3768, RE: Scent applicators?
Posted by CA Swimb8er, Fri May-21-10 02:48 PM
I rememeber that thing too! LOL How about you just spray the liquid scent on your bait down wind so it blows away from the boat? Or kneel down over the side of the boat and apply the scent that way? That's what I do. Guess it's not the most efficient way; but works. LOL

I think some scent companies need to work on the bottle designs more than anything. Some are pretty good, but others get messy no matter how careful you are. Sucks picking up a sticky bottle everytime you put scent on a bait. LOL:-)

I pretty much use either Hot Sauce or Smelly Jelly XXX Crawfish. When I get lazy or don't feel like touching the stuff (yeah I admitted it) I'll use the spray stuff.

You may want to get a bottle of Berkley Gulp Alive spray. Hold on for a second; just listen }( . That spray bottle is REALLY good and stays clean and you can close it so it doesn't spray. I have a different brand liquid scent in there now and it sprays great. Sprays away from the boat and doesn't get everywhere. If you can buy a bottle like that just by itself; that would be good too.