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3797, DIY Top Water
Posted by Nufo, Mon Jun-27-11 08:16 PM
I started doing these lures a few years ago as I love the design of the lunker punker but wanted a heavy duty lure geared towards catching trophy stripers. I started making a 10 inch version but recently decided I would make something smaller for my bay and delta spots. (Please note, these are not for sale)

Here is the lure making process I am using:

I started off with a couple of prototypes to find a design that worked well and I think I have things fine tuned now.


And tested them (third cast)
As you can see from the picture, I use only one hook on the belly and they usually end up with both lips hooked shut on the lure like this (10 inch version):

These new ones will be a little longer than the prototypes at 5.5 inches instead of 5. This should give me more glide on the walk the dog action. I also got an airbrush so I hope to do paint jobs with it but most will be white (stripers love white).

Start with a block of wood. This time I am using basswood (its supposed to be easy to shape and is so far)

Next I cut it into sections and trace the lure outline

Then I cut off big chunks of wood

Then sand to shape with my osciliating spindle sander

Then I take off the square edges

I use belt paper 50 to 80 grit

Then I smooth them out

After a little more sanding, I seal them. I usually use devcon 2-ton epoxy thined with denatured alchohol. This time I am using a form of crazy glue which is working well. These both soak into the wood sealing the grains from water penatration that will crack and ruin the final finish.

Next, I start by sticking weight in the ass to start the balancing process

Since I changed the design of the lure from the origional Prototypes, I experimented with new weighting and then add screw eyes and hooks and test in the swimming pool

#1 is balanaced as you can see below and sits flat in the water. #2 (would be my pick to swim the best) is weighted a little more towards the back of the lure. #3 is weighted more towards the ass for the ass down sitting position.

I tested them out. Which one do you think had the action I prefered the most?

More to come