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Posted by Nufo, Sat Jul-23-11 01:44 AM
>Cool photos. Nice to see a ton of hard work paying off. What
>does this bait do that a 6" lunker punker wouldn't?

Thanks for the kind words

1. Give me the satisfaction of catching fish on something I made
2. Hook placement. The front hook rarely fouls on your line when doing big gliding strokes and allows me to use a clip (and still doesn't foul). Also I only use 2 hooks (even on the 10"ers) and it gets the stripers stuck with both lips shut on the front hook. When you use 3 hooks on a big lure, the fish gets hooked on both middle two and is able to leverage with the big lure and some how pop free (I have lost a couple PB fish due to this). I have yet to loose a hooked striper on my two hook design and have caught fish up to 22lbs so far.
3. Heavier duty hardware to hold up to big stripers
4. Ugly paint jobs

I personally was looking for a consistent glide. I mostly fish at night and need a nice constant glide so the fish can find it and hammer it. #2 & #3 have what I call false strokes where some times they jump or bounce eratically.

I used to build rods but this is way cooler! Wait till you see some of the wakebaits I'm working on.