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Topic subjectBoarding Ladders?
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3810, Boarding Ladders?
Posted by Bassin, Fri Apr-06-12 08:05 AM
I have a '95 19 foot Champ. any suggestions for adding a boarding ladder to the back? With warmer temps coming, my daughter is going to want to jump in, just need a way to get her back in :-)
3811, RE: Boarding Ladders?
Posted by swimbait, Fri Apr-06-12 09:45 AM
I have one on my 198. Will see about taking a pic of it so you can see where it's mounted and stuff. The guy I bought the boat from said his kids like it and used it regularly in the summer time.
3812, RE: Boarding Ladders?
Posted by Tm Customs, Sat Apr-07-12 04:53 PM
If you have a jackplate you can mount this one to it.

3813, RE: Boarding Ladders?
Posted by Bassin, Tue Apr-10-12 05:07 PM
Thanks Rob, that would be cool to see. I don't have a Jackplate on mine. I am hoping to find something farly cheap. I googled it and found the little rope ladders that connect to the boats cleat. Just wonder how long a cleat would last climbing in and out that way
3814, RE: Boarding Ladders?
Posted by Tm Customs, Thu Apr-12-12 01:49 PM

That is more the oem style ladder some bass boats come with.

As far as price goes there expensive. I would browse the net and look for a used one. Or just go with a more univeral one that mounts to the cleat like you were talking about. As far as it damaging your boat I would just look to see how your cleats are mounted. Alot of them are through bolted with backing, if yours are like that I wouldnt worry about damaging the boat. If they are just screwed on I would explore other options.