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Posted by swimbait, Wed Jan-02-13 11:32 PM
Most of the way done now. Learned a few things today. Let's see:

Unless I'm oblivious (possible) there is no place to mount a 2D Humminbird transducer flat on the bottom of the hull. Lowrance transducers fit (there were 2 in there to start with) but the bird one is bigger. To compensate I built a marvelous dam of playdough which I appropriated from my 3 year old to keep the epoxy close to the puck in the slight channel it was sitting over. We'll find out later if this worked or was a fail.


My most hated part of all boat work is running cables through the hull. Today I found out why I hate the previous owner of my boat (or at least whoever worked on it for him). Theoretically there's a string available to you to pull cables. My boat had no string. It was no doubt used and not re-fished.

After removing the seat and taking a close look up the side I found where the string should have been, in a corrugated tube that ran the corner of the boat. 10 seconds with an electrician's fish and it was through the tube. Guh! Easy.

To find your tube in a Champion 198 Elite

Yes, you ride around in this boat while sitting on a chair made of gasoline. How cool.

Anyhow, here's the tube in all glory

After filling the livewell and finding my leak (o-ring on the livewell pump out pump) I buttoned it all up and put the new starter batt in.

Finished Compartment :)