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Posted by swampy, Wed Jan-23-13 07:55 AM
I finaly got my fat butt under the consol in my Champion and got my wiring oganized and now all my electronics work ALL the time:o It was a very tight squeeze and I couldn't beleive that I didn't do this sooner(I've only had the boat maybe 10 years now!lol)Still fishing the 86 mean 15 that I got from Tonto.All in all,it's been a great little boat but I am hoping to get into a bigger one soon.
What Ranger did ya get John?That is probably what I am going to be looking for.Nothing huge but at least 18ft and not tippy!lol
Hope to see you guys on the water sometime.
P.s,the only isue I have left is my water temp sensor on the transom broke the wire right at the sensor(it's an older sensor that is about 1/4"dia and maybe an inch and a half long).I have been having a hard time finding one and was wondering if I could get a new sensor and just splice the wire to my digital temp gauge on the dash.Any idea's?