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3851, RE: Boat upgrades & fixes
Posted by lugnut, Tue Mar-05-13 08:21 PM
>Yeah Kel, that old boat wasn't pretty but caught some fish.
>My boat is more or less done now. I replaced the hubs, bilge
>pump, got the lights working and have a new prop on the way.
>Eventually I will get a GPS fish finder, hopefully a SI
>Humminbird. Boat was pretty clean when I bought it so not much
>I needed to do. Boat fishes a hell of a lot nicer then my
>last boat. Here is a picture of the boat from my maiden trip.

It looks good, those are SOLID boats. You ever make it out this way to the Motherlode Lakes anymore? Remember Jim Long? He lives about two blocks from me so I see him every once in awhile. I still shoot emails back and forth with Mike Niemi every now and again. Other than that I don't hear to much about anybody else from the "old" days...lol