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Topic subjectEpisode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
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28, Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by swimbait, Thu May-08-14 07:13 AM

45 boats launched from Pleasure Cove this morning for the first ABA Nor-cal event of the year. Freezing fog, giving way to mostly bluebird skies and calm conditions. My favorite!

Water 61-64. Same clarity as last weekend all around. We fished the west shore and the very northern parts of the lake and weighed 13.7lbs for 8th place. First place was 25lbs, second 18.

Nico had our big fish, a 4.8lb largemouth on the a-rig. I landed a 4lb spot on a dart head with a smallie beaver. Our other three fish were babies, also caught on smallie beaver. We captured all species today including spotted, largemouth, smallmouth, hybrid and squawfish. No trout. The trout were tired of us after we thinned their numbers last trip. Also we didn't use kastmasters.

We did try spoons a fair amount and caught lots of bass on them but all spoon biters were undersize. The 8 inch bass really love the hopkins at Berry apparently.

This trip kept with the "everything on boats breaks constantly" theme from our last tournament. I lost a gimbal mount on my fish finder and the steering wheel cap and it appears that my cheap Interstate brand starting battery that is less than a year old doesn't have enough umph to trim the motor so the motor alarms when you trim up and down.

Somehow we even got a check today for $340, which was just enough to only lose a fair chunk of money :) I still feel like a winner.

What worked:






29, RE: Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by swimbait, Mon Nov-12-12 03:59 PM
Tourney results:

30, RE: Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by Nico, Wed Nov-14-12 10:47 AM
Fun tournament!

It was nice to get a good fish on the a-rig, though I still don't think that setup was perfect. The bigger fish (5+ lbers) seemed to like the small keitechs, but it was tough to scrounge out bites in those conditions. I tried out some new heads Sunday that I really liked, though. Small enough to match well with the keitech, but still with a hook beefy enough to land a 10lber if needed. After getting a hot follow from a 9+ lber on the rig in prefish it was definitely a possibility :)

31, RE: Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by Lake, Wed Nov-14-12 10:59 AM
my boy shim got 2nd. Hope he is lurking and will give up a little details. Good job on cashing a check in the first event of the year
32, RE: Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by swimbait, Wed Nov-14-12 01:50 PM
At the end of the tournament, the winners talked about how the won the tournament (damn nice bag for the conditions too!). The guy said something along the lines of, "you know how it is now a-days you don't really get the whole story about how tournaments get won". He went on to say they got their fish on a-rigs and crankbaits which seemed pretty darn likely.

This stuck in my mind because what he said is true, and has always been true to a degree in tournament fishing. But today, it is VERY true compared to any time that I can recall in my short 12 years of team tournament fishing. People are so paranoid to say anything in a public setting because it will get re-posted online, most likely by the end of the day.

Thinking on what this guy said, I kept thinking to myself ... well this little show we are doing is the shift in that thinking. This is the shift from blanking out the background in the photo, from lying and saying "we caught um on jigs" ... from the total void of information that is today's fishing internet. And I'm saying this from the perspective of someone who was very probably the first person to ever blank out the background on a fishing photo :)

So this is the shift. And after succumbing to a lot of that mindset for the last 7 years myself, I have to say it's made the whole thing kind of ... BORING. I feel bored. I read all the sites and there's little substance. Just eyeballs and click counts stacking up from people wishing there was something interesting to read.

So now you can watch. Anyone can watch. Everything we do in tournaments. Location, lure, technique. All of it. Hell maybe I will start posting our GPS trail when we are done.

We might even actually win an event in this new region we're fishing, which will be the point when everyone starts to remember where that gray champion is fishing and what we have tied on the morning and which direction we head to our starting spot ;) Guess what, no need to ask a friend what happened. It'll just be online. A few days later. Or we might stink up the rest of the year and break the boat in 10 new ways. Which will at least provide some entertainment.

So I think this is the shift. And I saw another go-pro mounted on a cowling last weekend. And I wonder if anyone else will join us. How long until someone else starts filming and posting it during tournaments. Elite Series and FLW might not let you. But teams, or federation, or regional proams probably would. I wonder who will be next.
33, RE: Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by jigndoublewide, Wed Nov-14-12 07:22 PM
I always thought "caught em jigs" or flipped jigs all day was very sufficient information if it was true, that's what I tell people if they ask me in non-tournament and tournament situations, I even say what trailer and color the jig is,and if I am on a good spot I will still tell them what I am catching on, now most of my fishing is with jigs so I am not giving away much but I still think I am being nice telling them what I caught fish on and think it is more info than deserved.

If you or I fish a tournament, pay our entry and get beat, I do not feel we are entitled to know exactly where, when, how, why the winner caught fish. It is nice when they tell you the bait, and even nicer when they tell you what type of structure or cover but it is definitely should not expected.

Someone worked hard spent gas, time etc it is their win and they caught the fish. It is their decision and they should not be judged harshly if they choose not to say much.

Being tight lipped is a fishing tradition and I respect if someone does not want to say what is going on, how they are catching them.

Now it is certainly really cool that you guys are filming and showing everything with little delay(not releasing every video until the end of the season) and I have watched them all with a lot of enthusiasm.

I also don't think your giving up that much of an edge by posting these videos. It's the old deal of you can fish the same bait in the same spot from the same angle and one person is going to catch more than the other guy.Give the other guy the gps, detailed instructions of the spot on the spot and he still will catch less. Although that doesn't mean your not teaching people, that will duplicate this on another spot/lake/river and tweak the baits.

Having said all that real good stuff guys keep it coming.
34, RE: Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by swimbait, Wed Nov-14-12 08:14 PM
Sometimes people really do win tournaments on jigs where we fish, but not too often :) It's hard to get bites on jigs when the water is 8 to 20 foot clarity like Don Pedro, McClure, Melones, and most of Berryessa.

I don't have big expectations that people are going to start posting a lot of videos, but I hope it might be the start of something. People are definitely entitled to do whatever they like from lying, withholding, telling a little or telling a lot. That's the humor of tournament fishing to me :)
35, RE: Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
Posted by jigndoublewide, Fri Nov-16-12 01:12 PM
Oh saying "caught em on jigs" is really "screw you, I am not saying anything" because it is super tough to get bit on jigs, hahaha. I did not realize that, pretty hilarious.
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