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Topic subjectWord from down south.
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3232, Word from down south.
Posted by , Tue Sep-04-01 07:51 PM
Fished San Diego Bay Saturday and Monday morning. Launched both times at 7am, in at 12 on Sat. and 1 on Sunday. Fished Shelter Island area both days. I tubed and my friend Steve used his Yak. It was fun both days but Monday was really fun.

Sat, I we both finished with around 15 legals, and 6+ shorts (mostly Spotties). Steve probably had closer to 20 legals by the end, plus 5 or so short 'buts. Most of the fish were in the first 2 hours. After the water stopped moving it died.

Sun, was better. I finished with 32 bass, 25 or so were legal (mostly spotties). Steve had 29, with a higher percentage of legals. What's so crazy about it though was that they were short biting, and generally being not so agressive. Plus, there was a 1.5 hour lull while the tide changed direction. Can't even imagine what would have happened if they'd been a bit more hungry. I had 13 of my legals in the last hour.

What were they biting you ask? Green mostly, weren't even picky about which kind. I stuck to Robo Zippers, freakbaits, and these 9" grubs that Steve let's me pour at his house. These things are giant, the body is 5" X 1/2" by itself. He stuck to smaller grubs he had poured. The two exceptions for me were my last Powerpulse worm in pumpkin/chart. and these XPS 5" Squids in purple spot. I had thought about trying 'em for a while, then a fellow tuber from Floattuber.com used them and did very well at a tourney. So I broke down and bought a pack. $5 for 4, that's why I waited almost 2 months before buying some (and I'm a rubber 'ho). They worked great C-rigged on a 4/O wide-gap (13 legals on 2 baits). My only complaint was that the eyes pop out way too easy. Usually, I lost an eye just getting them on the hook.

For those of you who have never tried S.D. Bay, you must some day. If you like fishing bass in a harbor, there is no better place. For what ever reason the bass there just aren't bugged by weather conditions. So even in mid-Febuary with 55 degree water and waterspouts all around, the fish will still bite. I konw this one from personal experience. Had limit that day. The only thing to watch for is the tide. They won't bite during slack, and when the tide is moving, it's at Mach 10. That does kinda suck for tubing, but little planning is all that's needed there. As for boat traffic, well there's no speed limit, so don't wander off into the middle of the main channel.

Amish Ed

Brian? Rob?
3233, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by brian, Tue Sep-04-01 08:06 PM
Cool report. Got some on the "five inch" grub eh? Shoot, I'd love to fish that bay sometime. I'm back in school now, so I'm pretty much limited to weekends, but if you've got an open couch sometime let me know.
3234, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Tue Sep-04-01 08:44 PM
Plenty of free couch for you. Weekends are it for me too. In fact normally I can only fish on Saturdays. Just checked the measurements, my guess was off. 8.5" total length, body is 3.5"+. It is one big grub never-the-less. I had originally asked him for a 5" grub (like the Kalins), I was horrified by what he brought me. But I finally tried it. WOW. After maybe 10 uses, only one short fish and lots of bigger models. The short was classic though, it was maybe a 5" Sand Bass. Obviously, it was very very hungry. I'll check the tides and see what dates look good. You're welcome to bring a friend too. Rob?

Amish Ed
3235, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by swimbait, Tue Sep-04-01 08:29 PM
Thanks for the re-port Ed. Brian this sounds pretty super to me. Catching the spotties must be a kick. I have some Assalt baits you might be interested in Ed. I will send you a care package if you like. Just email your address.
3236, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by brian, Wed Sep-05-01 04:14 AM
Yeah, definitely super. We'll have to arrange for a super spotted bass san diego saturday.
3237, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Wed Sep-05-01 08:30 AM
Under and all around the Coronado brige, and the sailboat moorings to the northwest, are vast eel grass flats that have really kicked out the spotties when I've visited down there. I usually rent a skiff at Seaforth in Glorietta Bay for about $35 bucks.
3238, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Wed Sep-05-01 05:57 PM
Sounds like you and Steve had a good weekend down there. I will attest to the great fishing in S.D. Bay, and have even fished it with Ed a few times (tube & skiff). I may have to get a few of those new plastics from Steve to try on my next trip.

Ed, I got your message (finally, lol) and will give ya a shout soon. My first trip to Lake Barrett was great!! Paul & I put the pressure on almost 50 Largemouth between us (I got a nice 5 lber) from dawn till dusk. A few were on the topwater in early a.m. A smigdeon fell for 3/8 oz. jigs & pork and some on variations of shad pattern crankbaits. However, the majority were caught on the plastic worms. I can't wait to go back! LOL

Cool board you have here everyone! Tight lines!

3239, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Thu Sep-06-01 08:03 PM
Good to here from you. We're going again EARRRLY Sat. morn if you can come. We should be back by 1 at the latest. That's after hitting Squid Co for some blanks and guides. Got a new Kennebec to try out. Sportmart has a sale on tubes, %30 off. Very Sweet. Mine was $112 out the door. I was going to buy one in three weeks (my birthday present), but $45 off, even the wife wouldn't make me wait. Let's hit the water.

Amish Ed
3240, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Thu Sep-06-01 08:09 PM
Hey, Ed, haven't seen you in a while.

Good to hear the float tubing is going well. Do you ever go out to fiesta island with your tube?

It's been a while since I've been to SD Bay with my tube & sounds like I should get out there.

Do you fish your grubs weedless?

Good luck Saturday.

3241, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Fri Sep-07-01 04:17 AM
Cyberangel? What are you doing so far from the mystical world of Allcoast? LOL. I go as "highspot" on that board. Its good to hear you like tubing, Becky.

Happy Birthday, ED. Congrats on the new tube and I am looking forward to checking it out. This weekend is completely out for me because family is coming to stay for the weekend. Are there any afternoons next week that you might be able to do an afternoon bay run? If not then maybe an outing next weekend? We should go chase some Yellowfin soon. Talk to ya later.

3242, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Fri Sep-07-01 11:28 AM

You'll run into me in the strangest places online. LOL!!

It's been a bit since I've been out. I have to fix the knee in my waders & then I can get back to tubing. Been pretty busy, but I miss it!

See ya on the water.

Mikey -- see you in a couple of weeks. Is that a solar eclipse or is it just me? ;-)

3243, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Fri Sep-07-01 12:34 PM
The sun will be setting early tonight Becky...
3244, RE: Cyberangel
Posted by , Fri Sep-07-01 08:26 AM
Hi ya Becky!

Still comin up on the 18th? It should get very DARK on that trip...


3245, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Fri Sep-07-01 07:15 PM
Hi Becky, it has been a while. I couldn't login at Allcoast for while, then I moved and got a regular full-time job. I have been wrapping a bit though. You? In fact I'm going to Squid Co tomorrow morning. Fishing Shelter Island with my new Kennebec tube, then Steve and I are going to go blank shopping. We should be there around 11:00 or 11:30 if your in the area. I have a float tube tournament next weekend at Los Alamitos Harbor(Rodney? You, Becky? Anyone else?), but the next week I should be back at Shelter, perhaps all us southerners can get together for a tube?

Amish Ed
3246, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Sat Sep-08-01 09:39 AM
Is that Steve Buckley you're talking about? I know a Steve down here in SD that has blue Fish N Dive and pours plastics. Just wondering if it's the same guy.

3247, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Sat Sep-08-01 04:03 PM
Yes Adam, it is the same Steve that provides for the ARF COTM.

3248, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by AmishEd, Sat Sep-08-01 05:05 PM
Yep what he said. I used the giant grub in Brown w/ orange tail today. This sound familiar to you Adam? Congrats on the win by the way. Small world. Fishing was slow today, not much water moving. Finished with 14 or 15 fish, with 10 of them legal. Steve finished about the same. One was a nice 3#+ spottie. I was going to snap a picture, but I got cocky and was going to show it off to Steve. Went to hold it up and next thing I know its gone and so is my hook. Slow but still fun, my new Kennebec is awesome too.

Amish Ed
You Can't Catch it again if
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Rodney, give me a call. I'm wrapping an 8' Truline that you might want for that 30# jigstick. You should check it out anyways.
3249, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Sat Sep-08-01 07:39 PM
Thanks! Love that color! Wondered how many kayak fishing, plastic pouring steves there could be in SD :) . I'll have to check out the big grubs he's pouring. Always looking for a way to weed out the weaklings and find those 3 pounders. I'll be down at Mission Bay tomorrow morning near Bahia Pt.

3250, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Sat Sep-08-01 06:11 PM
Yeah, sorry I wasn't able to meet ya there. I do need to get over that way and see what I need, say hello to Joey & John, etc.

I think it'd be great if we all get together for float tubing. I know John would go for it, too. We keep saying it's a good idea. Well, we need to just do it.

I think Jim (Jakuhed) is interested as well, & we have a 3rd float tube that he could use.

I'm booked the next two weekends, but after that sounds great. What about the rest of ya's?

3251, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by Leif, Sat Sep-08-01 09:22 PM
Hey Becky, nice to see another "face" from allcoast.

3252, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by AmishEd, Sun Sep-09-01 05:03 AM
3 weeks or so sounds good to me too. Maybe Brian can come down for it too. I now have a spare tube also, so if you know someone else who'd like to come let me know.

Amish Ed

You Can't Catch it again if
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3253, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Sun Sep-09-01 05:33 AM
Sounds good to me! Let me know when you all set a date because I'd like to be there.

3254, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Tue Sep-18-01 12:46 PM
I am looking for some good spots in San Diego Bay to fish in my kayak. I am new to kayak fishing in the bay so any details on location and gear would be great.
3255, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by AmishEd, Thu Sep-20-01 08:42 PM
This could get really long and involved, but here's the sorta quick version. The fish there bite good often, even in the winter. You just need to be there when they do. They can start or stop in a matter of minutes. One day in Feb. Steve and I fished Shelter Island for 1.5 hours. In the first 45min. we each had a limit, then we couldn't buy a bite for 1/2hour. Then they went wide again and I finished with 5 more keepers. Why this moodiness? I've come to believe it is all in the water moving. If it is, they'll bite. If it isn't, it's dead. So pick days with big tide swings. In a yak you won't have to worry so much about which direction it's moving, you can paddle against it. I like to launch around 6am, drift in on a 4'+ push, tide swing around 10am, drift back to the launch area, back at the car around 1pm. The wind can get to be a pain, though it won't shut off the bite usually. It is usally going by 11am or so.

Launch areas are easy. Shelter Island, or the park just north of the Coronado bridge. Both are well known for their bass and halibut fishing, but Shelter offers more areas to go to. With a yak you have tons of options from Shelter.

What to use is really open to personal preference. I prefer almost all freshwater rigs and baits.I use 6# Triplefish Camo line, Texas and Carolina rigs, Freakbaits, Zippers, and big grubs. I like translucent greens with some type of flake. Reds in more opaque darker colors with light highlights. My friend Steve (he has a yak too) pours most of my baits now days. He has a couple hot colors that really work well. His prices are very low and depending on where you live, he might even deliver. Let me know if you want his number. Everyone has different approaches that work in SD Bay, some folks are very typical saltwater anglers using all the usuall baits, some use fresh and salt styles, and some use crank and spinner baits only. It's all up to you. Feel free to email me for more details.

Amish Ed
You Can't Catch it again if
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Shameless plug for Steve: Turnleft24@aol.com
3256, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by , Tue Sep-25-01 10:42 AM
Thanks for the plug ED, (Ill give you the 20 bucks later). If anyone is interested in trying these large grubs let me know and we will meet somewhere and Ill drop some off to you. I live in Fallbrook if you are in the area you are more than welcome to stop by or let me know where you are fishing next and Ill meet you and let you try some. Bass in SD Bay are not intiminated by a 10' grub at all,matter of fact I have actually caught fish that were actually shorter than the grub iteslf. The worst case of this was I caught a small 6" Sandie that when I set the hook (5/0) it came out between his eyes way up on his head, he had all but about 4 inches of tail in his mouth.
If you want to try them let me know ok.
see ya on the water


may the forces of evil be confused on the way to your house
3257, RE: Word from down south.
Posted by AmishEd, Tue Sep-25-01 04:10 PM
If I'd known it was only $20 I'd of kept my trap shut. But, I didn't and I plugged you on the main board now too.

Amish Ed
You Can't Catch it again if
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3258, $20 in cash or baits?
Posted by , Wed Sep-26-01 09:24 AM
Depending on which I might not balk!