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Topic subjectFluoro Leader Length?
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3284, Fluoro Leader Length?
Posted by , Fri Sep-07-01 01:48 PM
What length fluorocarbon leader (100% fluoro) would you recommend for tossing swimbaits and Blams? I guess that longer is better to counter lineshyness, but longer means more difficulty casting. What would a good compromise length be? I can cast well with 18" but I think that the leader should be longer than that.


3285, RE: Fluoro Leader Length?
Posted by brian, Fri Sep-07-01 01:55 PM
I don't know why a leader would hamper casting unless it went through the guides, but I'd say at least a couple feet. Maybe 24-36".
3286, RE: Fluoro Leader Length?
Posted by , Fri Sep-07-01 02:35 PM
When I Surf cast 24-30" feels about right. Any longer and it catches water or sand on the backcast, any shorter and you can't grab it to lead a fish up the beach. Of course I haven't used Flouro yet.

Tight lines,
3287, RE: Fluoro Leader Length?
Posted by , Tue Sep-25-01 10:49 AM
I use fluorocabon leaders all of the time now when fishing in the bay. I have tried fishing the same baits in the bay with flouro and without and would get bit 2-3 times more on the fluorocarbon. As far a leader length I have found that you can start with a 24-30 inch leader and that should be fine most of the time. When using swim baits and such I go with a 20-24 inch leader just for ease of control when trying to cast accurately. I use the shorter leader for swimbaits because it is a reaction strike that you are getting and there is not much time for the fish to notice line diameter, IMHO. Now when fishing grubs (my love)or worms in the bay the longer leader is required because the bait is worked slowly and the fish have alot more time to notice the line. I also have alot less abrasion problems when using a flouro leader, I think or so it seems to me.