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Episode Guide
E9: 3 /10/13 - Clear Lake - ABA Team Tournament[/
swimbaitNov-26-14 06:12 AM
by pltmwqnx
Episode 3: September 7-8, 2012 - Clear Lake - Bob's Mar...
Tournament day 1 video http://www.ca lfishing.com/files/M ovies/show/e3/e3.flv Prefish Day (Friday) Thur sday night I drove up to the lake.
swimbaitJul-06-18 03:08 AM
by wjobkrakclq
Episode 9: Clear Lake - ABA - preview
The next ABA is this weekend, March 10th. This will be the last Clear Lake event for the season. Looks like rain this week during the week and rapid
swimbaitAug-12-15 02:36 PM
by sally
Episode 10: Sealy Big Bass Splash - Lake Fork, TX - Sep...
Video: http://youtu.be/3yxy F1hC-oM Nico and CV flew out in September to fish with Josh and I at the Sealy Big Bass Splash at Lake Fork. We debated
swimbaitNov-16-14 02:21 PM03606
Episode 2: September 3-6, 2012 - Clear Lake
Episode 2 - Tournament Week Prefishing www.calf ishing.com/files/Mov ies/show/e2/clear_la ke_bobs_marine_prefi shing_muzak.flv I drove up to Clear Lak
NicoMay-22-14 09:19 AM
by byxcvak
Episode 5: November 5, 2012 - Lake Berryessa (war of th...
OK gang. For 2012 Nico and I are going to fish ABA Nor-cal region (Clear Lake / Berryessa / Sonoma). This is going to be a new adventure. We know C
swimbaitMay-09-14 03:59 PM
by pXwdXYt
Episode 6: November 11, 2012 - Berryessa ABA Teams
http://www.calfishin g.com/files/Movies/s how/e6/e6.flv YouTube 45 boats launched from Pl
swimbaitMay-07-14 10:47 PM
by Nike Air Max
Episode 4: September 9, 2012 - Clear Lake Bob's Marine ...
http://www.calfishin g.com/files/Movies/s how/e4/e4.flv Tournament Day 2 (Sunday) This day's story will be a bit shorter :) We trolling mo
swimbaitMar-27-14 05:12 PM
by hbfisnhhwdk
Episode 8: Clear Lake ABA Pages 1 | 2
http://www.calfishin g.com/files/Movies/s how/e8/e8.flv Aft er days of beautiful February weather we arrived at Clear Lake Saturday morning around 8am
swimbaitMar-13-14 04:57 AM
by ioinmqoa
Episode 1: August 11, 2012 - Clear Lake Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Episode 1 http://www.calfis hing.com/files/Movie s/show/e1/episode1.f lv 4:30am: Nico and I loaded the boat and headed for one of our happy places in
swimbaitMar-12-14 10:49 AM
by Leslie
Making its way to the Elite Series stage. Some cool clips http://www. bassmaster.com/video /palaniuks-winning-m oment
swimbaitAug-17-13 08:05 PM03298
Episode 5.5: Berryessa chest-cam edition
Just because catching 4 inch bass and getting attacked by a bee makes for good entertainment htt p://www.calfishing.c om/files/Movies/show /e5/e5_cc.f
swimbaitNov-09-12 08:35 AM04022
Day 1 - the first minute and 35 seconds
This is how you want your morning to start on day 1 of the tournament. 4 and a half pounder on the 3rd cast. Chest cam, gameday, showing everything
swimbaitSep-11-12 10:10 PM03620
Episode 1 - coming soon
Filmed today on Clear Lake, CA :)
swimbaitAug-11-12 10:11 PM03462
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swimbaitAug-09-12 09:34 PM03286
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swimbaitAug-09-12 09:28 PM03148
Oh nooo
Now what are you guys up to
LakeAug-09-12 05:38 PM03081
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