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REMINDER: California's Free Fishing Day is......June... [View all]
See Link and Fishing Tackle Bag Below! https://bass trapp.com/blogs/2017 -us-free-fishing-day s-by-state-no-licens e-required/free-fish ing-days-for-2017-
aaronmccoy87Jun-30-17 02:22 PM03092

Stardust disappointment [View all]
Went out on the Stardust on Saturday morning with some buddies. When I went to pay for the tickets, I was astonished to find out that they were no lon
angler dudeAug-07-00 02:28 PM
by angler dude
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RE: Stardust disappointment, Randy, Jul 17th 2000, #2
RE: Stardust disappointment, DECK HAND, Jul 19th 2000, #3
RE: Stardust disappointment, angler dude, Aug 07th 2000, #4

Seahawk [View all]
I heard that the seahawk was coming up to S.B. for albacore trips this Sept. or Oct. I'm ready, I know the long fins are at the Rod. or Escp.
bajadaveSep-22-03 02:21 AM
by bajadave
Replies to this topic:
RE: Seahawk, bajadave, Sep 22nd 2003, #1

Help needed in Santa Barbara Channel [View all]
I'm a hardcore San Diego/Baja saltwater guy who needs help from a 'counterpart' in the Santa Barbara/Oxnard area. I was recently given a list of ins
BajaTommyGOct-31-01 02:52 PM
by Salmonoid
Replies to this topic:
RE: Help needed in Santa Barbara Channel, Salmonoid, Oct 31st 2001, #1

March 24, Stardust morning run [View all]
With decent rockfish counts, I decided to jump onboard with Jason and crew and see if I couldn't catch myself a rockfish or two. Talked trailer parki
brianMar-24-01 11:45 AM
by brian

Santa Barbara/Islands [View all]
Taking my fanatical fishing 13 old son out this weekend on a private boat from SB. Does anyone have any suggestions for hot spots in the area? Thanks!
bryanDec-17-01 12:24 PM
by the harborrat
Replies to this topic:
RE: Santa Barbara/Islands, the harborrat, Dec 17th 2001, #1

Apollo Overnighter April 4, 2008 [View all]
22 anglers on an overnighter fished San Miguel Island caught 220 Rockfish, 18 Lingcod, 1 Halibut, 5 Bocaccio, 4 Sculpin, 3 Sheephead, one of which was
Burgundy ShawnApr-07-08 06:51 PM
by Burgundy Shawn
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RE: Apollo Overnighter April 4, 2008, goletafishin, Apr 07th 2008, #1
RE: Apollo Overnighter April 4, 2008, Burgundy Shawn, Apr 07th 2008, #2

Report for July 30 [View all]
Today on two trips with 34 passengers we had 56 calico bass, 1 cabezon, 1 lingcod, and 43 rockfish.
Donya DiamondJul-31-99 12:09 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for July 31 [View all]
With 22 passengers today we captured 1 cabezon, 1 sculpin, 8 whitefish, 2 lingcod, 67 red snapper, 87 rockfish, and 1 smooth hound shark. Nice day on
Donya DiamondAug-01-99 08:14 AM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 1 [View all]
Today on our two runs with 40 anglers we brought back 13 calico bass, 9 sandbass, 13 barracuda, 1 whitefish, 8 red snapper, and 57 rockfish.<BR> <a hr
Donya DiamondAug-01-99 06:34 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 2 [View all]
Today with 16 anglers we caught: 6 calico bass, 1<BR>sandbass, 1 barracuda, 2 whitefish, 1 red snapper, and 37 rockfish.
Donya DiamondAug-02-99 07:04 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 3 [View all]
Today on two trips with 37 anglers we had 9 calico bass, 1 barracuda, 43 rockfish, and 1 black seabass which was of course released. <a href="http://w
Donya DiamondAug-03-99 08:24 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 5 [View all]
Today we had 25 passengers on two trips and landed 10 calico bass, 2 sandbass, 2 sculpin, 7 mackerel, 53 rockfish, and 2 sheephead.
Donya DiamondAug-05-99 08:12 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 6 [View all]
Today on 2 trips with 32 passengers we brought back 3 calico bass, 4 sandbass, 2 sculpin, 6 mackerel, 1 barracuda, 3 whitefish, 5 red snapper, 67 rock
Donya DiamondAug-06-99 06:48 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 9 [View all]
Today on two runs we had 29 and managed to capture 9 calico bass, 38 sand bass, 2 sculpin, 2 mackerel, 3 barracuda, 3 ocean whitefish and 41 rockfish.
Donya DiamondAug-09-99 07:36 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 11 [View all]
Today with 42 anglers on our 2 runs we managed to capture: 5 calico bass, 18 sand bass, 5 mackerel, 3 halibut, 14 whitefish, one ling, 100 rockfish an
Donya DiamondAug-11-99 07:20 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 12 [View all]
Today with 24 we captured: 1 sand dab, 6 sand bass, and 17 rockfish. <a href="http://www.sta rdustsportfishing.co m">http://www.stardu stsportfishing.com
Donya DiamondAug-12-99 07:32 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 14 [View all]
Today we had an all day private charter with 30 passengers and they captured: 4 sculpin, 22<BR>whitefish, 4 lingcod, 53 red snapper, and 246 rockfish.
Donya DiamondAug-14-99 08:28 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 17 [View all]
Today on 2 runs with 56 anglers we laned: 4 sandbass, 4 sculpin, 15 whitefish, 110 rockfish, and 1 sheephead. <a href="http://www.sta rdustsportfishing
Donya DiamondAug-17-99 10:08 PM
by Donya Diamond

Report for August 18 [View all]
Today with 37 anglers on 2 trips we landed: 1 calico bass, 9 sand bass, 3 sculpin, 17 ocean whitefish, 95 rockfish, 4 sheephead. <a href="http://www.s
Donya DiamondAug-18-99 10:45 PM
by Donya Diamond

How was it on Sunday Rob.... [View all]
I've been thinking of hitting the 3/4 day in the next couple weeks and was just wondering how it went for ya out there?
goletafishinNov-26-07 01:08 PM
by swimbait
Replies to this topic:
RE: How was it on Sunday Rob...., swimbait, Nov 26th 2007, #1

August 9, 2009 3/4 day [View all]
Good day on the stardust with limits for all. We probably should have limited earlier but there were alot of rental rods on the trip. I saw some big r
goletafishinAug-10-09 07:09 AM03758

excellent charter [View all]
howardJun-18-00 02:57 PM
by howard

August 11 Fish Count [View all]
38 Anglers caught 8 Sandbass, 18 Ocean Whitefish, 3 Lingcod, 19 Red Snapper, and 100 Rockfish
HowardAug-13-00 03:27 PM
by Rob
Replies to this topic:
RE: August 11 Fish Count, Rob, Aug 13th 2000, #1

August 13, 2000 Fish Count [View all]
Today 23 anglers caught 230 Sandbass and 10 Barracuda.
HowardAug-13-00 04:09 PM
by Howard
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