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Float Tubing Basics

By Rob BelloniOctober 18, 2006

Introduction: My first introduction to float tubing came in 1993.  My buddy Jamon had an older brother who owned a couple of the first float tubes designed for ocean fishing.  These float tubes didn’t look like what we use today, they were truck tires with a nylon cover that didn’t even cover the truck tire on the inside of the tube.  It looked pretty sketchy to me but we wanted to hit the kelp beds and there was no other way to get there so we donned wet suits and headed to the beach. 

I remember the first day bobbing around off Hendry’s and feeling like I was fighting quicksand trying to maneuver the tube around.  It was awkward, and we didn’t catch any fish, but I was bitten by the bug because here finally was a way for us to fish where the boats fished for a tiny fraction of the price.  13 years later I still fish from my tube, enjoying the simplicity, convenience and stealth that comes with a boat that can be carried over your shoulder.  If you’ve considered float tubing but don’t know where to start, let this article be your guide.

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