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Chris Zaldain - Year 1 Fishing the FLW National Guard

By Chris ZaldainNovember 20, 2007

Back  when I picked up my big boat in August of '06 I was fired up knowing I had graduated to the next level.  I remember the first few times taking the Triton out, all I wanted to do is go fast and cover water.  I have a day job that keeps me locked down Monday-Thursday from 8am-8pm.  But I didn't let that stop me from fishing.  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was on the water(mostly Coyote,Calero,Anderson) learning how to operate and maneuver my new boat.

It didn't take long for me to "comfortably" learn how to cover water and power fish with big reaction baits.  I was stoked discovering this "new" style of bass fishing, but, I knew I couldn't forget my go-to techniques I learned in the kickboat.  For example, pulling up on a 30-foot tulle berm and flipping a 1/2 oz black and red flippin jig 30 times, one foot apart - or, tucking my body low towards the water, spotting a 6 inch opening in a Middle River tree, skip-casting a white frog past the limbs onto the levee, and walking it out.  Or even dragging a wacky rigged senko over a lake point is a go-to technique I learned from a kickboat and apply in tournaments when conditions are right.

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