Arroyo Burro Beach
Nearest Address 2981 1/2 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
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Also known as Hendry's Beach, or 'The Pit', Arroyo Burro beach is a County Park with free parking, and some pretty decent surf fishing opportunities. Because this is an open beach break, launching kayaks or float tubes is only prudent when the waves are small. The beach is gradually sloping with a mix of sand and rock in the tidal zone depending on the time of year and how much sand is present.

Your typical catch from the surf here will be barred surf perch, with the opportunity for corbina. Digging sand crabs and using them for bait is a simple and effective method, and typically the crabs are not hard to come by here. On extremely low tides there can be an opportunity to fish for cabezon or grass rockfish, but it has to be a big minus tide to reach the rocks and eel grass beds where these fish live.

Just offshore of the beach is a jumbled mix of kelp, grass, rocks and sand. Calico bass and halibut are definite possibilities, but this area is not known for great fishing. If you're going to try for halibut, focus on the sandy patches close to shore, especially by the mouth of the creek.

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