Twin Lakes
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The Upper and Lower Twin Lakes near Bridgeport are best known for one thing - trophy sized brown trout. Several state records in excess of 25lbs have come from these lakes over the years, and every year fish in the 10-20lb range are caught.

If you've fished around the eastern Sierras you'll notice immediately how healthy the Twin Lakes are. Walking the bank you might see crawdads, chubs, or small trout. Kokanee are present in both lakes, and rainbow trout are stocked by the tens of thousands of pounds - in all sizes - throughout the year. There's just something about these lakes that makes them very fertile, and it shows in the quality of the fish.

Shore access is excellent around both lakes, although many people prefer to float tube or boat. The inlet and outlet areas are always popular. There is no fishing however in the small stretch of river between the two lakes. Word is that you can observe giant brown trout spawning in this section in the fall, and the no-fishing regulations are there to protect those fish.

Twin Lakes should also be noted as one of the better fly fishing locations in the eastern Sierra. The shallow areas around the inlets of both lakes give excellent opportunities, and it's not uncommon to see a half dozen float tubers with fly rods catching fish after fish in these areas.

The bottom line at Twin Lakes is that if you want a chance at a good sized brown or rainbow - these lakes should be on your top 3 list for the eastern Sierra.

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