Castaic Lagoon
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April 17, 2010
Water: 65
Clarity: looked pretty dirty
crappie fishing 2010
slow fishin day for bass but it was my first time fishing there but we had stayed in the lower lagoon for about 4 hours and in the first 15 minutes had caught a 3 1/2 pound crappie it was fun even though he did not put up much of a fight my tackle was 12 pound test line a carolina rig with nightcrawlers then i was surprised i had caught a 4lb largemouth with my lipless crankbait it was a decent fishing day

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December 17, 2007
Water: 57
Clarity: 4-6 feet
Wind: 0-5 knts
winter bassing, castaic lagoon
The water at the lagoon was low, with moderate clarity of around 4-6 feet. I forget the temp, around 57 I think. We were the only boat on the lake.

Fishing was slow. We threw swimbaits of course. No nibbles or follows for the first few hours. About 10am I looked across the lake and saw seagulls getting frisky, then noticed the trout stocking truck. Merry Christmas to us from the Department of Fish and Game. he he. We headed to the ramp and watched the trouts adjust to their new surroundings.

No sign of momma bass here. We fished all over by the ramp. Butch showed up after a while. I wanted to talk to him but never got a chance. We felt less stupid about not catching anything when he headed straight to the spot we had spent most of the morning on.

After another lap or so around the lake I finally connected with a 4lb bass on the triple trout. Nico may have been bit the cast before that to the same spot. The fish I caught hit twice, or there were multiple fish on it. At sunset, we went back to that spot again, circled upwind, dropped the anchor and let some scope back. Nico lined up the cast with the 12" MS Slammer, wagged it along about 30 feet and got attacked on the surface by a 6.35lber That was cool.

After dark we parked the truck and the boat and shore fished until I think around 8pm. In the first 20 minutes I made a parallel cast with the 9" Slammer and got exploded on. A very sharp, hard hit. I got about 3 cranks on the fish and it seemed to point its head straight at me and it pulled off. I was pretty annoyed, the fish looked to be over 8lbs, perhaps bigger. We had no more bites after that despite fishing all the way to the buoy line and back.

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