Diamond Valley Lake
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December 20, 2007
Water: 58-59
Clarity: 3-4 feet
Level: 1711.74
Wind: 0-10 knts
DVL Striper
We should have woken up earlier this day. We had to go to the parking lot at Perris because I lost the clevis pin that holds the transom saver on the boat. Luckily we found it. Then we drove through beautiful eastern LA, and the endless stoplights of Hemet, CA. Then the grocery store to get something to eat.

We wind up at Diamond Valley some time after 9am and are subjected to a thorough quagga mussel inspection, by a guy who was a nice guy - but very thorough. Next to us in inspection land is none other than Allan Cole and his buddy Mark. We chatted for a bit.

They relayed to us that the trout stock had been first thing in the morning and they had seen 20 chasers from bass and stripers. Dammittalllallallllallallllal. We got our sorry asses on the water (which was 58-59 degrees with 4-6 foot clarity and stained) and pounded the marina trolling swimbaits and casting. Not a damn thing, no chasers, nothing. We watched some guy catch an 8lber on a live trout, and watched another guy slow troll live trout around the marina. Welcome to So-cal.

We learned that if you are using live trout while fishing from shore and you don't want to be seen casting it, you should throw small rocks at the trout by your feet to make it swim away from shore. What a bunch of clowns fishing at DVL in the marina.

After a few hours we went to the other side of the lake, which took forever. We tried by the dams, mainly trolling. Nothing. Then we jumped every point from the west dam to the main dam. On the last major point before the smaller marina points the meter lit up good. We fished it, then turned the boat to cast more. I tossed a 5.5" rainbow trout colored big hammer and got hit. Hooray a fish! It turned out to be a 12.26lb striper.

We fished out the day then put the boat on the trailer and fished from shore in the shore fishing only area. No sign of life.

We left the lake at 4:27pm and headed for Silverwood, which is about 65 miles from Diamond Valley. It started raining. Traffic turned to crap city. We passed a Bass Pro Shops sign. It was getting on 2 hours of driving and we had to be to Silverwood by 7pm or not get in the gate.

SWMB8R bailed or butts out big time. He lives 4 miles from Bass Pro and on the way to Silverwood. We stayed there again. But first we went to Bass Pro, with a dead striper in the back of the boat, in the rain.

Bass Pro was a bit of a let down. They had the 12" BPS worms which was sweet, but the people in the fishing department didn't know what an ice jig was. It was somewhat likely that they also did not know the difference between a largemouth bass and a trout. The aquarium had nice fish. Mark bought Uncle Bucks beer batter for the striper which was YUMMY.

Mark filleted our fish for us and we had beer batter striper for dinner at like 9pm. Delicious.

Big Hamster Striper


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