Downey Wilderness Park
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March 6, 1990
Wind: calm
DFG stocks every other week during season sometimes every 3. 2 nice little ponds although I've never known them to stalk the north pond unless i'ts maybe a derby? They stocked on thurs. 3/05 and they were jumping out of the water and biting like crazy off of garlic power bait although I started off with a super duper 501 and saw the fish werent taking to it. Most under a pound but friday morning went back and caught a 1.5 lb. trout. They were still going crazy over garlic and in the same spot. Got at least 12 this morning but threw them all back (except the 1.5 pounder). The last trout plant most were over a pound with a few 2 pounders fat and juicy.

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