Huntington Park Lake
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April 17, 2008
Water: 67
Clarity: clear
Level: low
Wind: breezy
Baro: na
Fish caught
Fished this lake on 4/15/09, 4/16/09. On the 15th my son and I were able 2 catch 2 rainbows. Small, state fish. Also that day we had one bluegill and something really big hit our nightcrawler. Big carp in the shallows. You can see the big shadows. Biggest carp look like 25-30lbs.

On the 16th I set myself to see what kind of bass, if any, would hit. With a drop shot rig, using a minnow, I was able 2 catch 2 largemouth. Both were under 2lbs. Carp caught on a cornstarch based dough bait. It was 13lbs.

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