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April 5, 2008
Water: 61
Clarity: 3-5'
Level: 508.22
Wind: 5-20
WON Bass Lopez
Mark Rogers and I fished the WON Bass Lopez team tournament on Saturday. It was very windy, blowing offshore in the morning (and cold). This let up mid-day, then switched to on-shore to 15+ in the afternoon. Water temps were in the low 60's.

The basic plan for the day was to get a limit on beds and throw swimbait for better fish. I had practiced the day before and seen perhaps 50 fish on beds with many more cruising around.

We followed a parade of boats to the back of wittenberg in hopes of bed fishing but it was much too windy. With the wind and stirred up water, we threw swimbaits for nothing for a while, then back to the bank to look. This was the procedure for the rest of the day.

Swimbait fishing turned out to be worthless for us, but several of the better size fish I had seen the day before were still around and wanted to be caught. They were hard to see, but we put 5 of those in the boat - foul hooking and releasing one other one on a drop shot. All the fish were males. I also hooked about a 3lb crappie on a bed thinking it was a bass.

The fish didn't seem that big going in the boat but in the end we weighed 18.95 for the 5 fish with a big fish at 5.15lbs and took 3rd place :) All of the fish we weighed were caught on 5" Big Hammers in the #40 Invader color. It was a good day in terms of execution because we only hooked those 5 bass and they all came to weigh in. We worked a half dozen other fish that wouldn't bite including one that would have meant 2nd place, but that's OK - you can't catch them all.

This will probably be my last Lopez trip for a good long while as we are moving in August and Santa Margarita is closer to the house. Lopez is a fun lake, but definitely a windy one. Thanks Mark for making the drive up to fish. It was a fun day.

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