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December 19, 2007
Water: 57-59
Clarity: 3-5 feet
Wind: 0-5 knts
Perris report
Got a late start this morning. It was cloudy again. Great condition. Perris was 57-59 degrees and stained. In some places it seemed like you could see down 5 feet, other places 3. There are about 20,000 seagulls on Perris right now, most of which seem to be spending their days eating mayflies on the surface of the lake - which is odd.

We focused on rocky areas, fishing obvious stuff. We stayed pretty shallow all day. Nico got in to the carp pretty good with a rattletrap at one point, which was exciting until we realized they were carp. He hooked several but they kept coming off. They were big suckers lol. Bass fishing was slow...

I caught one nearly dead, blind in both eyes bass that probably weighed a pound and a half on a 5/8oz black/red Assalt jig. Nico scared the crap out of me when he got a 4lber on the BBZ-1. The fish ate the lure at the tip of his rod and when I heard the splash and turned, the fish was already in the boat He snagged the fish right in the eye, poor thing. We thought that might bode well but the rest of the day resulted in nothing.

We camped at the lake, charged our batteries in the bathroom and got hassled by the cops (who entertained themselves by driving 50mph through the campground for a few laps before and after). Really they were just checking in to see what kind of lunatics would be camping at the lake in December. That would be us.

I specialize in catching blind bass


The lake

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