Salt Springs
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Sacto John
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July 19, 2008
Water: 76-78
Clarity: 4-6ft
Wind: light
Fishing with the Twins
My 12 year old twin nephews are in from Colorado visiting my parents so I decided to take them fishing. They are not into much besides playing their guitars and texting on their cell phones, but I thought it would do them good to get them out and, perhaps, interested in fishing.

I roused them from their beds at 3:30AM (they were not happy about this) loaded up the boat and headed up to Salt Springs. We arrived at the lake just before 5:00, launched the boat, and after a short casting lesson we were fishing! Well at least I was fishing. The twins sat in the back of the boat and ate, fought, played with the fish-finder, ate some more, and slept.

I on the other hand fished. The fishing got off to a slow start with no fish coming off of the damn, which is where I always start at Salt Springs. I made a short move to back of one of the arms and with in a few cast with a Rage Tail shad I hooked up on a nice 2.5 pound Salt Spring bass. After that first bass it was non stop action for about 45 minutes, with me getting a fish or a blow-up about ever other cast.

Overall the fishing was very good. I caught between 15 and 20 fish before we left at 10:30, the twins never even made a cast. None of the fish were over 4 pounds but only one of the fish was under 2 pounds. All but two of the fish (Senko) were caught on the Rage Tail shad, which I would highly suggest. They are a great bait to try in place of a buzzbait or hornytoad type bait.

Sacto John
1105 posts
July 4, 2008
Water: 78
Clarity: 5-8ft
Wind: 8-10MPH
Fourth of July Topwater fun
This marks my thrid annual 4th of July Salt Springs fishing trip with my fishing partner from Modesto. We got to the lake just before safe light, dropped the trolling motor and started throwing topwaters. Third cast for my buddy with a buzzbait and a typical chunky Salt Springs bass killed it. He caught another fish on the buzz bait and I switched to the Spook. Walked it up to a clump of weeds, paused for a second, twitch BOOM fish on. Goat another fish to completely kill the spook, fought it for a few seconds and it jumped and threw the bait back at me. It makes me wonder how that is possible with all those treble hooks. We fished the rest of the morning with me getting another spook fish at about 8:00 and loose several fish on a Snag Proof Frog. My Buddy kept catching fish on a buzz bait but not as well as in years past. at about 11:00 I got the big fish of the trip, right at 4 pounds to eat my spook. We kept getting blow ups until we left at noon. I think the fishing was not as good this year because of the cooler morning temps, if we could have stayed out all day I have no doubt that the fishing would have improved in the afternoon.

If you have never been to Salt Springs before you need to go. It is a catch and release only lake that gets very little pressure. Lots of shallow weed beds, and great summer topwater action. We were the only boat on the water until about 11:00 Am and this was on the Fourth of July. They do not allow water skiing, jet skis are allowed, but they are restricted to the jet ski course in the middle of the lake. All in all we saw just three other boats and four jet skis all day.

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