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February 26, 2010
Spot population growing fast
The spot population is locking on to SP in a big way,..I've heard that the spots have been in the lake for at least ten years,.....and I've also heard that they are slow growers, but the average fish this week seemed much bigger than the 1 to 2 lb'ers that I've caught in recent years. I fished half days (mornings til noon) every day (except one) since opening day. Most mornings I caught from two to 6 spots,....lost a few,...and missed hooking several others,.. all drop shotting. Hooked a couple of one + pounders, but fish mostly were 2 to 2.5 lbs,...biggest was a 5.6 this morning. Only talked to two other bass fishermen, caught two fish,..a 2 and a 2.5,...the other guy had one fish...a 5.5.

By contrast,I've caught a relative few LM in the last several seasons. With no DFG plants and the spot population growing fast,...San Pablo LM need some help! The dam is fixed,...finally getting stable high water and a return to successful LM spawns should help the picture a bit,...high water levels should bring back some good wood in the main body, and a lot of good cover at the south end, to this mostly "mud hole" of a lake. I wonder if some kind of creative, (but simple to understand), slot limit on LM would also help at SP? I have been talking to some folks at the lake and EBMUD about this,...but they seem to think that the fishermen that the slot limit is really aimed at, either wouldn't understand it or wouldn't abide by it. Then maybe we need something a little more drastic, a hefty fine for anyone caught keeping a LM over 12 INCHES...Eat the little ones,...just leave the big ones alone!!! Really just blowing off,...I don't have a clue what to do,...and hope someone smarter than me will come along and figure it all out. Have swimbaits,..will keep throwing!

A little Frustrated at Pablo

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