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May 14, 1990
Water: 62-65
Clarity: 6ft visiblity
Level: est 50ft from full
Wind: est 10mph
4 day house boat trip
Went up to shasta with Mikes Z-260 for four days of fishing on shasta. First day we got on the water around 7:30-8:00 and fish the marina at silver thorn cought several fish off the backs of the boats that were sticking, and in some cases spawning on the out drives of the boats and docks. Mike got them pretty well with a bait that looked very similar to a lucky craft bevy shad 65 in chartuse shad, I used a darter head with a fluke and a weightless nose hooked 4" shad colored worm. Both approches cought fish, we probably got close to 20 small fish out of the marina the first day all right at 1lb or less. We proceded to fish main lake points with hula grubs and twin tail grubs with very good sucess a few on drop shot and a handfull on cranks. On the last day I found the ultmate combo that the fish could not resist which was a silder bass grub (grub with a paddle tail) in pearl on a 1/8oz ball head fished this combo the last night for 40-50 fish in 1.5 hrs. We tryed top water every morning and night with decent sucess, most fish are too small to eat most of the baits we threw but we did manange around 10-15 between us on to every day Mike thew the spittin immage, while I had my best sucess on the Ima Skimmer. Big Fish for our four days was only 1.5lbs most fish being 1 lb or less, we probably got at least 30 fish between the two of us every day if not more.

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