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Big Bass Zone

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Chris Myrick( Fort Collins, CO) Dec 31, 2007
Well worth it!
This is a very useful book, and while my first inclination would be to tell people not to buy it so that they don't change their bass fishing tactics and become more effective at catching the same bass I want to catch, that'd be selfish of me. To be fair, this book completely changed the way I look at bass fishing, and is one of those books where you read something (e.g., don't show the bass something they wouldn't expect to see) and slap yourself in the forehead because you didn't come up with the same idea before. Of course, it didn't hurt that I took one of the concepts mentioned in the book, applied it to a local lake, and promptly caught a 7-lb fish in a spot where I'd never caught anything over 2 pounds before!

The authors have done a great job of breaking down the pursuit of big bass and provide lots of really good information. You probably need to read the book 4 or 5 times to digest everything (I think I'm up to 10 times) and each time you read it you get something else out of it. There is a lot of useful information on getting started in fishing big baits (and not just swimbaits) and while the authors make a point of not recommending any one type of lure (or brand), you can definitely get a good idea of what types of lures you might want to try.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in targeting big bass, and bet that many of the concepts could be applied to other big fish (e.g., northern pike) as well. It will be really helpful for people just getting into big bait fishing (like me) and will probably also help people with a fair bit of experience in that arena.
Brendon( Atascadero, CA) Jul 23, 2007
Best book on big bass fishing ever
There is only one thing to say about this book and that is that it is AWESOME. Everything you wanted to know about how when and were to catch gaint bass is very well explained and well writtin in this book. I would recommed this book to anyone who feels like every time they go out fishing for that one big one they ether don't know what to do or they just aren't confident with the baits they are using or were they are fishing. This book well clear all of everything you thought you knew about big bass and then some. Also thanks to this book on Oct 1 2006 I caught my biggest largemouth ever a 11 pounder caught at Santa Margarita lake CA. on a 12-inch AC Plug rainbow trout color. If you are every thinking about giving gaint bass fishing a try buy this book and study it well you will not be disppointed.
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