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Okuma Guide Select GS-761H and GS-761H Swimbait Rod

Author: Rob Belloni

Rod Length: 7'6"
Blank Material: IM8 Graphite
Line Rating: 15-30 and 15 to 40
Lure Rating: 1-5oz and 2-8oz
Guides: Fuji Alconite Concept

Overview: Okuma introduced their swimbait rods in mid-2004. These are 7'6" blanks with the Alconite Concept guides, Fuji reel seat, and a rather interesting rear grip that exposes about 8" of the blank between cork sections. The rods are very heavy action and have a reinforced butt section which Okuma calls Evo Graph on the first 3 feet or so of the rod. It's basically a wrapper over the blank to give the butt section extra rigidity and strength.

Pros: Most of the Okuma product line is priced to appeal to the mass market, and these rods are no exception. They retail for $89 which is a pretty sweet price for the rod you get. On a price to performance ratio, I don't think you're going to beat it right now on the market.

Unlike some other so called swimbait rods that are just worm or jig rods re-wrapped and re-marked as swimbait rods, these blanks were designed from the ground up to actually throw a big swimbait. These rods are stiff! The GS-C-761H is a very heavy duty rod, and the GS-C-761XH is bordering on being a broomstick. These are rods for heavy rubber and big wood, not for smaller lighter baits. Another bait this rod will work well with is the regular Mission Fish with its huge G-Mag hook. If you swing for fences with these rods, you'll rip the fish about 10 feet in the right direction. They have serious backbone.

The exposed rear grip is kind of interesting. I like it a lot on my Castaway flipping stick, but am somewhat ambiguous on a casting rod. The only real purpose I can see for it is to lighten the rod up. With the rod tucked under your arm, you might get a little more feel, but it's questionable. I do like the round butt end because you can sort of palm it while you cast. Being able to grip the rod there helps makes up for the fact that the rod is only 7'6".

Like a lot of big bait rods, this rod will work out nicely in the ocean. I broke it in on some bass fishing with 5" Big Hammers on the GS-C-761H and it kicks their butt pretty good. And since ocean fish don't jump, you don't have to worry about tearing out the hooks.

Cons: So I'm really not kidding about how stiff the rod is. I would not recommend it for the small to medium hardbaits with two hanging hooks because it's the kind of action that can tear the hooks out too easily. You could throw a 9" wood bait on the GS-C-761H and it would be OK, but I still don't think it's ideal.

If you're wondering what the catch is for an $89 rod, the only real catch I can see is the cosmetics. I checked out 4 rods, two of each model. There were some spots where a little glue had gotten into the feet of the guides, and the little hook keeper on one was crooked. Personally, I could do without the hook keeper so I just broke it off and filed it, but whatever, its cosmetics. Just don't think that for $89 you're going to get a perfectly finished beautiful rod. This is function over form.

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EricM( Poway, CA) Apr 20, 2007
This was my first swimbait rod and it continues to be my favorite. It can handle your typical swimbait and does and effecient job.

You can even use it for saltwater jigs and iron if you want!

Well worth its price.
Lightninrod/Dan Greene( macon, GA) Mar 12, 2006
Okuma Heavy rod
I havn't used mine much until lately. That's when I discovered just how long the handle is.....too long IMO. The reel seat is so far up the rod that the handle gets in the way no matter how I hold it on the retrieve.

Still a good value though.

Matt Servant Aug 06, 2005
Great rod for the $
I own several of these rods, both the heavy and the Xheavy. I do not think you can get more for your money than what you are getting with these rods. These rods are strong and light. I can fish them all day without getting tired. That says a lot when you're throwing heavy 9in swimbaits all day. These rods have enough backbone to throw the heavy baits and with the ball butt cap for leverage you can cast big baits really far. I also like the exposed blank below the reel seat for tucking the rod under your arm. It feels very comfortable while fishing like this.
I use the heavy for 7in-9in baits and I use the Xheavy for 9in and bigger. They also make great bed fishing rods when you want to overpower the fish into the boat.
They have a lifetime guarantee!!! If you break it, send it to Okuma and they will replace it.
How's that for under $100
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