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Canyon Plastics - Swim Doctor

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Chris R( Palmdale, CA) Mar 09, 2008
Canyon Lures Swim Doctor
A good bait, basically a Mission Fish with a bit more durable plastic. The head isn't as realistic as the Mission Fish, but the action is pretty much the same. The colors are bit weird, could use a some hitch, bluegill, and baby bass imitations. The durability still needs works. The line tube is much better than the Mission Fish goes because the bait has to cut through less of the body platic, but takes more wear. I had to glue it back in after a few fish. The eyes could use work too, they fell off after the first fish. They need to glued in or placed underneath a plastic film,like the Mission Fish Eyes. But it still caught fish after the eyes were gone.A fish catcher. Hopefully they'll bring out something in more of an 8" size. The 6" is a great tourney and all around bait, but you'll find yourself getting more 3-5lbers than anything else.
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