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Reaction Strike - Bass Harasser 4 and 6"

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Cameron Burnett( Alba, TX) Jul 01, 2007
4" Bass Harrasser
I ordered some 4" to sell at our shop, all but 1 package was returned. The 4" have ZERO action and even run sideways.

It is a good hudd knock off, but with none of the action...

I think I am going to keep the ones I bought to tie up on my rods before weigh in and see if I can't convince some people they work.

andrew( montgomery, TX) May 15, 2007
bass harasser 6'
i was really dissapointed with this bait. i was expecting a little more out of the action and hook up percentage. for the size of the 6' model i thot that it was a little heavy and that the slow fall should be used in about the 8-12 foot zone. for the price i think that its worth it, but i would suggest that you should take the top hook and the bottom frog hook off and rig a trailer hook (size one owner stinger st-36) by tying heavy mono or braid to the eyelit of the bait and putting the hook behind the dorsal fin in front of the back eyelet, like some people rig a huddleston, that seemed to help with the hook ups.
Taylor Posey( Sacramento, CA) Apr 20, 2007
A Hard Softbait
I love this little bait it has proven very durable for me, At first I thought that they would be much too hard to have a decent action but after throwing it and seeing the great action in the tail section of the bait I was very impressed. I bought 4 of these and have cought around 10 fish on each of them and they are still in very good condition showing no signs of wear. Wen u open the package of these baits they stink just rub some megastrike on them and there good to go. Also these baits are very heavy the slow fall is about the same as matts trout the fast fall sinks like a brick I would suggest getting the slow fall for fishing in 12ft of water or less.
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