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Storm Suspending Swimbait

Author: Rob Belloni

History/Overview: The Suspending Wildeye swimbaits came out within the last year or two. Although I don't have the date, it was somewhere around 2001/2002. They are injected plastic baits and are available in the standard storm color patterns with their pearlescent colors and reflective inner plastic. The top hooks are gamakatsu's or some hook that is identical. The hanging trebles I am not sure about but they are decently sharp.

Pros: You know when I was looking at this bait, I kind of thought ho hum, it's a flashy medium/small swimbait with a little paddle tail. I really wasn't expecting much. I made a few casts and although I wasn't stunned by the swimming action, I was very impressed that the bait was a legitimate suspending lure.

A lot of baits say that they suspend, but very few actually do suspend unless you modify them. This bait I can honestly say suspends. You can rip it, crawl it, burn it, do whatever you like, and when you stop moving the bait it will stop and just sit there. That's a good action! Some time down the road I'll see some conditions where I want a bait to do that, and this will be the bait I'll tie on. The bait casts great, it's very compact and you can bomb it out no problem on 20 or 25lb test.

I like the option of being able to put a treble on the bottom of the bait but I changed out the hook on mine for a #1 gammie treble to make it more subtle. Given how thick the lure is for it's size, a treble is a good call unless you're anticipating fish coming and swallowing the entire bait whole.

Besides being a legit suspending swimbait, the other nice thing about this bait is the price. At 7 or 8 dollars, it's rock bottom in the swimbait market.

Cons: Most mass produced baits are going to scrimp on certain things to cut hosts. On this bait they cut down on costs buy not putting an actual eye on the bait. There is a black dot of plastic under where the eye is, that is then covered with clear plastic or plastic to match the main body of the bait. I think this is a cheap move and I put some big eyeballs on my baits with a dot of superglue gel.

The only other thing I didn't like about this bait was that it's hard to feel on the end of your line. That comes partially from the fact that it suspends, but also because when you pull it through the water there is very little resistance from the head or the tail. It just pulls toward you very easily which diminishes the 'feel' of the bait.

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Mike Klipfel( Sacramento, CA) Feb 07, 2009
Storm Suspending Swimbait
I really like this bait for its ability to suspend. The 5" shad really imitates a shad well. I use this swimbait at Shasta, and catch literally hundreds of Spotted Bass on 1 lure before it gets too torn up to use anymore. Works well in the Delta when you find schools of shad. Great for both Bass and Stripers. The action is a little light, but sometimes its better. Great for a pause and go retrieve. Plus you do not need a heave rod for this lure, an average spinning or casting rod will work fine., CA) Apr 07, 2007
Storm Suspending Swimbait
I'd have to agree with you guys. This stuff is cheap compared to some of my other swim baits and I've caught a great many fish with them. A+
Taylor Posey Oct 29, 2005
This is a great entry level swimbait for people who want to catch some fish on swimbaits before they spend a bundle on some real expensive ones. I like all the storm swimbaits and they all catch fish and this is one of the better ones I like the 5" it is even good at night. Like Rob said you cant feel it on the end of your line, other than that it is pretty good!
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