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SR Plastics Dagon Swimbait

Author: Rob Belloni

History/Overview: The SR Plastics Dagon Swimbait was released in mid 2003. It's a rubber bait with a metal tube through the nose to allow for a 'pro rig' type rigging. The tube is attached to the bill for rigidity. The bait comes with a single treble hook and a bead to protect the line from getting frayed against the tube.

Pros: This is basically a high speed bait. If you're looking for a bait that you can chuck out and burn in super fast in 2 to 8 feet of water, this is a bait for you. It has a super tight action to it and from what I've seen it generally runs true out of the package. It looks like the baits are coming out of high quality molds so the consistency between the baits should be pretty good.

The bait comes in 10 colors and there are some nice looking ones in the mix. Lots of green and brown patterns good for baby bass, carp, hitch type patterns.

With the tube rig, the durability should be good on this bait. I'd expect to get 5 to 10 fish per bait, possibly more.

Cons: I gotta be honest here. I threw this bait out and cranked the handle and was miffed by the lack of action. I burned it faster and faster, and found that if you really burn it back, it does kick side to side. But when you stop cranking the handle the action pretty much quits and it heads off toward the bottom.

When I shoot the bait videos at the side of the boat, I can get 95% of the baits to swim with the trolling motor on 7. Some of them I have to kick up to 10. But even at 10 with this bait, it just barely kicked for me. So I have to say I was not very impressed with that action.

The stock hook is decent, probably a mustad or a VMC. For a $25 soft bait I would have expected a premium hook.

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Taylor Oct 29, 2005
plastic log
This bait is baicly a huge hunk of plastic with a lip I really dont care for this bait and spent little time throwing it because I know almost anyother swimbait made is better than is thing. It lacks action and realistic looks.
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