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Minnesota Minnow

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Doc( Walnut, CA) Jan 18, 2010
Minnesota Minnow
Doc Holliday( Walnut, CA) Nov 11, 2009
Minnesota Minnow/ Aka - Seducer
The Minnesota Minnow/ Aka - Seducer is a Musky lure that came from Minnesota & Wisconsin made to catch Musky. I start using the lure in 2006 for Stripers at Castaic lake and found great success with it. I used it first in September when the stripers was boiling on shad and found that the Seducer would get larger fish out of the boils. The lure is a walk the dogg style bait, and is nine inches in length and about 8 ozs, it is a heavy bait and in that fact it rides low in the water which is great for better hooks sets on the bite. Hookup percentages are very good because of that reason.This lure will cast for far distance do to the weight of the bait, thats a plus if fishing for boiling stripers! The lure also have rattles in them which I like for drawing power in stain water or windy conditions. Some guys don\'t like the rattles, I do and haven\'t had any problem with getting fish to eat the lure. I also have tried the lure for largemouth bass and have caught some very good fish on them. Some guys I know like to drill holes in the lure to take out the rattles to fish for largemouth, I don\'t, I still get bite really well on the Seducer without taking the rattles out, I feel the rattles get the largemouth attention in the stain water and windy conditions. This lure will draw bites from a long way due to the rattles, but also because of the big wake it makes when you walk the lure. The lure is heavy like I said early, but it is easy to work with little effort, now if you want to walk it faster you can, and it makes a lot of noise and splashes if you do. As for as tackle to fish this large lure, I use a G Loomis Swimbait rod (Heavy 25-60lb) to fish this lure, and 25 lb mono, I don\'t recommend braid, because if you get a backlash, the lure will break off or if it don\'t break and the line wrap around your reel it may jerk your rod right out of your hand. I found the 25 lb mono has been great and I have got largemouth to 8 lbs and stripers to 27 lbs so for and haven\'t had any problems. Now one thing is recommended when fishing this lure is to use a snap, as the line will get weak near where you tie and after so many cast the line will just break as the front of the lure is a bit sharp, so a snap is a must. Another thing I found with the lure that the eyes may come off after fishing for some time, and to avoid that, I put a little glue, Super or Crazy glue on it and they will never come off after that. If you do loose your eyes your local tackle shop will have them, just match the size and replace them and use a little glue. Another thing to keep in mind about these lures they are not rock friendly, if it hit something hard they will crack or if come unbutton on a fish near the boat and hit your boat or motor etc., they will crack. Also, make sure you sharpen the hooks before use as you should do for any lure,unless you change them, I do change the hooks before I fish these lures, I use 4x gama, long shank. If you change the hooks you probably need to change the split rings to a large one. The lure is ready to fish right out to the pack, but I again still will sharpen those hooks a little bit, but they will work. They come in difference colors, but there are two custom colors made for the west coast, Electro for the shad pattern, and Custom Rainbow Trout, of course because of west coast trout plants.The custom Electro do glow in the dark, just shine a flash light on it from time to time to recharge it. Both these colors are great looking baits and the Custom Rainbow Trout color has a very unusal finish and want dissapoint. To order these lures you can order them on line @ Musky Innovations, but the custom colors(Electro & Custom Rainbow Trout) are only found at Sav-on Tackle in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. and Performance Tackle in Los Alamitos, Ca. Sav-on Tackle carry the hooks, eyes and split rings recommended to modify these baits if you feel the need too!
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