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22nd Century Swimbait Co. Quadruple Trout

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Matt Peters( Roswell, GA) Mar 29, 2007
smooth and sleak
I am lucky enough to have got one of these last year. This bait is long and slender, vs. the 10" triple trout...its approx 11" long and is a bit narrower/skinnier than the 10" version.

Pros: Bulk. This isn't a small bait, and has that trophy fish size you need for a big fish. Swim: smooth and sleak...this thing is a serpent in the water. Very fluid motion, and very unique in that regard, with a clean S swim. I really liked that you can almost fish this thing as fast as you can reel a TE 400 reel, and not impair the action or swim. Not that speed catches the giants, but know it fishes fast well.

Con: Well, the one thing is that you have a huge gap between the two hooks on the belly. I don't think another hook is necessary, just a trade-off here that if a fish t-bones you in the middle, it might not make it in the boat.

Availibility: I know a lot of guys want Scott's baits, and production seems limited. Give Scott some time to iron out the production woes, and get you one of these, along with his 6-7-8-9-10 versions of his 3 jointed triple trout baits. He's got trout patterns of course, but also baitfish, baby bass, hitch, and the others to round out your arsenal.

Other than that, Mr. Whitmer has made another innovative and strong swimming bait. The bait seems very durable and well built to last a long time.
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