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3:16 Lure Company - 1-Up

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bassindon69( Dos Palos, CA) Apr 25, 2007
3:16 1up
This bait helped me get a 53 lb 5 fish limit. With 11 of 17 fish caught that day on the 1up and two of those went over 10 lbs . The bait is built very well. I have not lost a fish after it was hooked with this bait so far. The swim action is not as S like as some jointed baits. Very clean paint job, no need to worry about looks here.
Thanks 3:16!

Best of luck to all
Magmaster( Lake Forest, CA) Apr 13, 2007
Well since I have reviewed all the other 3:16 baits why stop now?

I have to admit when I was handed this bait I was a little set back on what to say. The detail in this bait is so spot on that its rediculous. The subtle scale pattern the tiny eyes set in on the face, it just blew me away. Then add the perfect paint jobs that Mickey always seems to make even better with each bait.

It took me a little while to learn how to fish this bait. I played around with all the different things that this bait will do. It has a pretty natural swim that excells at the slower speeds. I like to throw it out and creep it back with some change up in speed every once in a while similar to what I would do with the Triple Trout.

You can get the bait to change direction by twitching it on a slack line during the retrieve. I like it for the fact if you have a follower you can get the bait to shoot back in the face of the bass. More times then not they will attack it out of being surprised I think.

I have a few fish in the 4-5 pound class on it and one 14 last year. I have not fished the bait much lately as I just have not been on the water much. I see this bait as being a Striper killer. I know in field testing Mickey and a friend slayed the Striper up to 30+ pounds at a "secret" lake. I plan to give it a shot this year when I actually have some time to fish again :)

I do not know the weight of this bait as I have never weighed it. It does cast very easy compared to the heavier Wake Bait. It is 9 inches long and casts like a bullet. It comes with Owner hooks as all of his hard baits do.

I use a Crucial 7'11" Heavy and Extra Heavy rod for this bait. I haven't decided which rod I like better for it just yet. I throw this bait on a CTE300 with 25# Sunline Flourocarbon line.
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