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3:16 Lure Company - Wake Bait & Wake Jr.

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GGR( Cen., CA) Mar 27, 2008
3:16 Wake Bait
I absolutely love the 3:16 Wake Bait. I throw this bait on a Shimano Crucial XH swimbait rod. A Shimano Curado 300 DSV or Shimano Cardiff 400 loaded with 25lb. Triple Fish line.

I throw this bait all year and have had it produce in all types of conditions (wind, rain, choppy, dead calm, ect.) My favorite way to fish this bait is to throw it out over a main lake point and slowly work it back to the boat, stopping at times and twitching it. Bites have been anything from explosive to just sucking the bait under.

One bit of advice would be to keep to your eyes on the bait at all times. Strikes can also come from above. Birds of prey love these baits to. My fishing partner had a Bald Eagle snatch his off the water when he wasn't looking. Luckily the bird did not get a hook in him.

3:16 Baits may be on the expensive side but as long as you don't loose your bait 3:16 will repair any damages to your bait. I have never had repairs cost more than five dollars. Repairs I needed were due to my abuse (miss placed casts) and not to any weakness of the bait. The baits are very durrable and have the best finishes of any baits on the market. You get what you pay for.

Just recently I spent 10 days on the water. I had 7) 9's and 2) 10's on the Wake Bait. Caught numerous other fish but these were my biggest bites on the Wake Bait.

I rarely throw the Wake Jr. these days but I have thrown it plenty in the past. 4-5 lbers love this bait. I have my daughters throw the Jr. all the time. They can handle this bait without a problem and catch plenty of fish on it.

In my opinion 3:16 Wake Baits are by far the best wake baits on the market.
Magmaster( Lake Forest, CA) Apr 17, 2007
Wake and Wake Jr.
First of all I would like to thank Mickey Ellis for giving me the Wake Bait!! I caught my first DD bass ever on this bait the very first time I used it. If it wasn't for him I would not have put a DD on the books!!

The Wake Bait was designed after the Armaggedon. Mickey designed this bait to be a bait for the serious trophy bass angler. He wanted a fatter profile than the Armaggedon. This bait has one joint vs. two of the Armaggedon. The action of this bait dictated the name. It excells at throwing a nice wake when steadliy retrieved across the surface. The noise and action from this bait just call big bass.

The Wake Bait is a pretty darn good dead stick bait as well. I have caught several fish just dead sticking this bait. You can get this bait to "walk the dog" as with all his hard baits by twitching it on a slack line.

The detail and paint are perfect on this bait. The one pictured is a prototype and has no clear coat. Production baits have a nice paint job and a much more finished look to them. This bait has a very durable finish and is available in two colors Light and Dark Trout. The one pictured is the dark trout.

The bait comes with two Owner 2/0 2X Stinger trebles and all black hardware. There is no need to change the hooks on this bait.

The complaint I do have is that this bait is very heavy! It weighs 8 ounces and it just wears on me after fishing it for several hours. I switched to the Crucial 7'11" XH rod to save my back and shoulders. The rod loads very nice with this bait and does most of the work for you. I use a CTE300 and CTE400 (depending on where I am fishing) loaded with 25# Izorline XXX.

The bait has a high price tag but if you are serious about catching big bass then $150 is well worth the price for the fish that this bait will produce.

The Wake Jr. is another excellent bait that 3:16 offers. It has a different action than the other baits that Mickey offers similar to the Baby Bass. I have hundreds of fish on this bait as well. Something about the squared bill gives this bait a unique action that interests the fish.

This bait features several of the same design innovations as the larger baits. Hard tail, single pivot type bait and what I think is the best paint jobs in the industry. The bait also comes with Owner Hooks and balck hardware. It uses a 1/0 in the front and a size 1 in the back.

Waking this bait has been very productive for me. The "walk the dog" action is very impressive too. My personal best is around 7 pounds on this bait. The 3-5 pound fish LOVE this bait. I see it as a good bait to find that kicker fish in a tournament situation.

I know he now offers this bait in several colors other than trout patterns. This one is the dark trout color (Must be a good color...).

I am not sure what this bait weighs but I would guess around 4 ounces or so. This bait is something you can cast all day and not wear yourself out. I cast this bait with a Crucial 7'11" H or a Calcutta 812XFA rod. I use the lighter Calcutta for more open water situations and the Crucial around cover. Once again I use the CTE300 and 25# Izorlne XXX. I will be switching over to the Curado 300 very shortly...

The price and performance of this bait are reasonable. I believe the baits are around $75 MSRP. I have not found anything bad to say about this bait except for the potential to foul every once in a while. It fouls no more than a crank bait will. Sidearm casting seems to eliminate the fouls altogether.
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