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Gets Jack Knife

Author: Rob Belloni

History/Overview: Unfortunately I don't have a lot of info on the Jack's Knife. The bait I have was a gift from Greg V. who sent it from Japan. I have not seen them available in the states at all. In Japan, they go for $120. The bait is a super high detail hardbait, so I don't want to cut in to it to find out if it's wood or composite, but it feels very light and has no rattles, so I suspect that it's some type of light wood.

Pros: When you pick up this bait, the first thing you're going to notice is the incredible paint job. The detail on these baits is stunning. The particular one I have is kind of a brook trout pattern, and the overlays of scale pattern, parr marks, and dots is really something. It's a functional paint job with a nice clear coat over it, but when I look at it I tend to think 'collectors item' vs big fish killer.

This bait fishes on the top or in the barely subsurface range. The tail is hard and it dances around as you move the bait through the water, which makes for a unique and somewhat interesting action. The bait strikes me as one that would work well in warm post spawn or summer time conditions where fish want something that's throwing a lot of flash on the surface.

The hooks and hardware on this bait are totally premium. I don't know what the make on the hooks is, but they are gammie sharp for sure. It's a bait that's ready to go fish stock out of the box.

Cons: Not much to say in the cons department. I guess the main thing is that the bait just seems more like a 2 to 6lber bait vs. a 10+ bait. For a tourney guy, this could be a good thing. I could see this bait catching a limit of nice fish. For a big bait guy, I'm only going to be throwing it out there every so often.

Note You can check more colors/styles on but I'm not aware of any US shops where you can find one of these guys.


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