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Please, Please, Please, Don't Catch the Male!

By Zach MeredithMarch 22, 2007

When the water hits 60°f, the bass move into the shallows. This time of year is my favorite “Big Bass” time. There is no other time of year, that fisherman can pick and choose which big toad they want in the shallow. Over the years I’ve been told different ways to fish the bed. How to fish it the right way, and how to fish it the wrong way. I have found that catching the male and putting it in your live well will only end up spooking the big female. A few key tips I will give you can help you land that monster!

First things first: Which rod, reel, and line to use. The rod I use is an Okuma 7'6" EVX-C-761H-TEV. This is a heavy action rod with good hook setting power and it’s easy to flip! The EVX has a strong back bone with a fast tip for sensitivity. A 6.3:1 Pflueger Trion LP reel, I feel has the perfect flip ability, gear ratio and line capacity for this application. The line I use is P-line CXX 20lbs. This line has great abrasion resistance and low stretch for great hook setting power that will not take away from your rod and reel. It will give you that assurance when fighting a big fish. Line with high stretch will not give you a good hook penetration.

Second is the lure. I keep three baits and three baits only on my deck. A Jig, a tube, and a swim bait. That’s it. I like to use a white or pearl jig with a high rubber thread count that creates a bigger profile. I always use a black or pumpkinseed craw trailer. 1/2oz Assalt King Cobra flipping jig in pearl white with a black Berkley power craw is my go to bait. This bait has good weight to it and great visibility in low light to high noon. It is very easy to see from far away, and very easy to follow under water. Remember, this time of year the only thing you need to consider to determine your bait color is can you see it. Canyon Plastics Giant 7” Tora Tube in pearl white is my back up bait. This bait is used to get a reaction from the female if she is cursing the shallows. This bait you can move at different speeds to provoke that female to return to the nest. Last is a swim bait. Matt Lures makes a male Bluegill perfect for bedding fish and casting while searching for beds. The bait sits naturally on the bottom nose down, like its eating eggs.

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