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Top Calfishing.com New Product Introductions and Product Availability
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Library of California Fishing Lakes, Rivers Topo Maps (... [View all]
I wanted to let everyone know that I just complete a library of topo maps which includes maps of all 25,000+ lakes, rivers and reservoirs in the State
guide20Mar-10-10 10:01 PM
by Mike F
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RE: Library of California Fishing Lakes, Rivers Topo Ma..., Mike F, Mar 10th 2010, #1

Swimbait [View all]
We use Charlie's swimbaits. They are very realistic and work miracles on nesting bass. The trout pattern works well in near-stream areas and the bass
hardon4fishMar-31-06 02:21 PM
by Fishing805Fever
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RE: Swimbait, Fishing805Fever, Mar 31st 2006, #1

Okuma at Anglers Marine [View all]
If you are looking for a good swimbait stick at a great price Corry at Anglers Marine mentioned they started carrying Okuma and received a shipment of
Henry ShorrJul-06-04 03:29 PM
by woodsac
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RE: Okuma at Anglers Marine, woodsac, Jul 06th 2004, #1

Okuma Swimbait Rods [View all]
Since July I have had opportunities to use prototypes of two variations of Okuma Guide Select swimbait rods. Mark (SWMB8R) the designer of these rod
Henry ShorrJan-22-04 11:24 AM
by Lake
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RE: Okuma Swimbait Rods, Lake, Jan 19th 2004, #1
RE: Okuma Swimbait Rods, reptilian, Jan 20th 2004, #2
      RE: Okuma Swimbait Rods, Henry Shorr, Jan 21st 2004, #3
           RE: Okuma Swimbait Rods, goletafishin, Jan 21st 2004, #4
                RE: Okuma Swimbait Rods, Lake, Jan 22nd 2004, #5

Harbor Freight New Product [View all]
I purchased an underwater camera from Harbor Freight. I have never used one before so I cannot compare it any other brand. It works surprisingly well
Henry ShorrApr-27-05 04:03 PM
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RE: Harbor Freight New Product, JUANCHO, Apr 27th 2005, #2

Okuma 7-11 Rod Repeort [View all]
With the recent arrival of the new Okuma 7-11 swimbait sticks, and as a courtesy to Okuma and consumers I am giving this report regarding the performa
Henry ShorrSep-13-06 09:04 PM
by Mattlures
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RE: Okuma 7-11 Rod Repeort, swimbait, Sep 13th 2006, #1
RE: Okuma 7-11 Rod Repeort, Mattlures, Sep 13th 2006, #2

Tectan Fluorocarbon [View all]
Back in the seventies one of the most popular spinning reels was a reel called “DAM Quick” This reel was designed and manufactured by a German com
Henry ShorrDec-19-06 09:46 AM
by Lightninrod
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RE: Tectan Fluorocarbon, cst, Dec 15th 2006, #1
RE: Tectan Fluorocarbon, Lightninrod, Dec 19th 2006, #2

Plastic baits [View all]
I’ve been using some plastic baits that have been working well for me. I purchased these baits from a new site. The first bait is called EmGen, it l
Henry ShorrSep-17-07 11:58 AM
by Zach
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RE: Plastic baits, Zach, Sep 17th 2007, #1

HUDDLESTON'S ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! [View all]
If you've been trying to get your hands on some Huddleston's now's your chance. I was checking out good old Tackle Warehouse and they had them on the
HogSlobberAug-18-04 09:37 PM
by PHISHnutS
Replies to this topic:
RE: HUDDLESTON'S ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!, woodsac, Aug 11th 2004, #1
RE: HUDDLESTON'S ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Carrot Top, Aug 13th 2004, #2
      RE: HUDDLESTON'S ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!, swimbait, Aug 16th 2004, #3
           hm, those work good, swimbait, Aug 18th 2004, #4
                RE: hm, those work good, PHISHnutS, Aug 18th 2004, #5

ABT Lure Colors [View all]
I've purchased a number of ABT Lures and noticed the following which may help you select the colors you want: (1) Rob's review of the Wag Tail ment
ICSpotsJun-12-07 10:50 PM02261

Huddleston Deluxe Shad - New Color Released [View all]
Now available in two colors - (1) Blue and (2) Green http://www. huddlestondeluxe.com /
ICSpotsJun-15-07 11:13 AM02206

Rago 4-Piece Raptor Hardbaits [View all]
8 and 10-inch models are now available at Tackle Warehouse http:// www.tacklewarehouse. com/descpageSWMJRAGO -JR4RH.html
ICSpotsJun-26-07 06:55 PM02020

Rago Super Raptor [View all]
Tackle Warehouse has the 8-inch model in three different finishes: http://ww w.tacklewarehouse.co m/descpage-JRSR.html #
ICSpotsJul-06-07 04:44 PM02108

6-Inch Huddleston Deluxe Trout Available On-Line [View all]
You can order the new 6-inch trout on-line at huddlestonstore.com. The 6-inch trout isn't shown on the huddlestondeluxe.com website but if you sele
ICSpotsDec-19-07 06:37 PM
by offduty
Replies to this topic:
RE: 6-Inch Huddleston Deluxe Trout Available On-Line, offduty, Dec 19th 2007, #1

New ABT Soft Wag Tail Size - 7.5 Inches [View all]
I just noticed that tacklewarehouse.com is carrying a 7.5-inch version of the ABT Soft Wag Tail in dark trout color. I checked the abtlures.com web
ICSpotsJan-23-08 11:34 PM
by fourbizzle
Replies to this topic:
RE: New ABT Soft Wag Tail Size - 7.5 Inches, fourbizzle, Jan 23rd 2008, #1

New Swimbaits at Tacklewarehouse.com [View all]
(1) Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life Swimbait available in bluegill and two different tilapia finishes for $49.99. (2)Baitsm ith MadGill available in bluegill
ICSpotsFeb-27-08 06:58 PM02259

Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life Swimbait: Initial Thoughts [View all]
I was able to get out and throw the bluegill and a gold tilapia Tru-Tungsten swimbaits and I wanted to share my thoughts on these baits. OVERVIEW:
ICSpotsMar-17-08 06:42 PM03856

Lunker Punker Discount [View all]
Black Dog Baits has a limited special discount on their website blackdogbaits.com for Lunker Punker baits which have minor scratches under the clear c
ICSpotsMay-14-08 02:30 AM03005

Custom Baby Bass Lunker Punkers [View all]
For those of you who just can't get enough ... Black Dog Bait Co. has a limited time offer on their website for custom painted (by Jeremy Anderson) Ba
ICSpotsJul-06-08 10:00 PM02642

New Colors - 3:16 Wake Jr & Baby Wake [View all]
I don't know when the new colors were added to the 3:16 Lure Company website but Mickey & Rina are now offering the Wake Jr in perch and the Baby Wake
ICSpotsJul-31-08 04:32 PM02271

Sneak Peek - New Rago Delta Rat [View all]
Pictures of Jerry Rago's new Delta Rat were posted on the TackleTour.com Swimbait Forum. The Delta Rat is a walking bait as opposed to the previous R
ICSpotsAug-03-08 06:03 PM02484

New Price For 3:16 Wake Jr. - Effective 9/1/08 [View all]
FYI - I just saw a notice on the Wake Jr. page of the 3:16 Lure Company website which says that effective 9/1/08, the price of the Wake Jr. will incre
ICSpotsAug-18-08 03:50 PM02313

3:16 Hyper Herring [View all]
The 3:16 Lure Company website says they have a waiting list for Mickey's new 7-inch Hyper Herring which will be available soon in both floating and si
ICSpotsOct-21-08 06:03 PM02755

Black Stocker Trout [View all]
I stumbled upon the "new" black colored Stocker Trout on Rod Thigpin's website a few weeks ago. I see that TW is now carrying the black color in the
ICSpotsNov-10-08 06:01 PM02364

New Lower Prices For Huddleston Trout [View all]
Thanks to DaveJ on the Tackletour.com swimbait forum for this tip. The 6-inch trout is now priced at $14.99. The 8-inch trout is now priced at $24
ICSpotsNov-23-08 04:56 PM02130
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