began in 1996 as Jamon and Rob's Fishing Page. It was a site about fishing in California that James "Jamon" Beck and I put together while we were in college. At that point in time the site was mostly just articles written by Jamon and Rob, and fishing reports from our various fishing adventures. We did a lot of inshore saltwater fishing and made the occasional trout run to the Santa Ynez river or up to the Sierra Nevadas.  We fished from shore, float tube, or sometimes a 10' sailboat with the keel cut off.  The trips to the 1 mile reef on 24lbs of trolling motor power were always a kick in the pants!  

In 1999 when we registered the domain name and moved our site to it's new home. Our thought in picking that domain name versus a more regional name was that we didn't know where we would wind up ... but it was most likely going to be in California.  We've always tried to stay statewide vs. regional.  Shortly after moving to the new digs, the message boards were added and we began posting our fishing reports there rather than using static html pages. This allowed everyone else to post messages and fishing reports online, something we had always wanted to do with the site.

Jamon graduated from USC in 1999 and Rob from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2000. Jamon is a firefighter stationed at UCLA now and doesn't fish as much as he used to.  But he lurks from time to time and his barni article will still put you in hysterics every time you read it.  Myself, I got married to my now wife Summer and I moved up north to the Bay Area.  Trophy bass has become my obsession and I live breathe and dream it every day.  I still love getting out on the water for any species though, and you can always ask me about any kind of fishing in the state since odds are good I've been there or know someone who has. 

Through it all, the original goal in running the site has remained basically unchanged. Provide good fishing information online, allow people to talk fishing and share information no matter what the skill level and above all generate content that is real, honest, and not just a bunch of fluff and paid for product advertising! 

Some old screen shots from Calfishing and the original Jamon and Rob's Fishing Page through the years:

Jamon and Rob's Fishing Page

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