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Reaction Strike - Bass Harasser: Overview/History:  The Bass Harasser came out in fall, 2006.  Size and color options multiplied quickly, and there are at least 13 colors in 7 sizes available now.  You can purchase a Bass Harasser in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 inch.  This review will focus on the 7 through 10 inch sizes.  Within each size and c... more
small swimbaits

Maverick Swimbait: Overview/History:  The Maverick swimbait came out in late 2007.  You may also see this particular model referred to as the BH Minnow.  There are nine available colors, and they come three to a pack.  Retail price is $9.75 which works out to $3.25 each.  These baits ar... more
trout plugs

Deps - Silent Killer: Overview/History:  The Silent Killer was one of the first Dep’s baits to make it state-side.  I don’t have an exact date, but by early 2006 it was for sure available, and probably for a few years before that.  This 7 inch floating hybrid weighs 2.5oz and comes stock with premium trebles and h... more

Black Dog Baits - Lunker Punker: Overview/History: The Lunker Punker was a bait a long time in the making.  I saw a prototype some time in 2005 if I recall correctly - hand made by Jeremy Anderson.  Jeremy, if you do not know him, is well known in Northern California for his phenomenal custom paint jobs.  After... more

ABT Shad Ripbait / Strike King - King Shad: Overview/History:  The ABT Shad Ripbait was released in 2006.  The lure is 4" long and weighs exactly 1oz.  Subsequent to the Shad Ripbait being released, the bait was OEM'd by Strike King as the King Shad.  These lures are one and the same.  Pricing on both i... more

22nd Century Bluegill: Overview/History: The 22nd Century Bluegill is sort of like a side-project.  It’s been around for a long time but it hasn’t gone in to real production mode.  If you’re looking for one, try Performance Tackle or  They get them here and there.  Very occasionally y... more

River2Sea Bossymarck - Bass Pattern: Overview/History:  The River2Sea Kong series came out in late summer 2007.  For some reason the name has since been changed to the Bossymarck and I’ll call it that for this review.  This three-piece hardbait is available in a 6 and 5/8” and a 9” version.  Ri... more

Musky Snax Crappie: ... more

BBZ-1 Shad: Overview/History: The BBZ-1 Shad debuted in early summer 2008.  This 4" Shad imitator comes in six colors and three sink rates.  The sink rates are described as floating, slow sink (3 inches per second) and fast sink (1 foot per second).  Three of the colors... more

22nd Century Swimbait Co. Nezumaa Rat: Overview/History: The 22nd Century Swimbait Company’s Nezumaa Rat debuted in limited numbers in late winter of 2004.  This rodent imitator is available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.  The specs on the baits are as follows: ... more

MS Snake: Overview/History:  The MS Snake debuted in the early Spring of 2006.  This floating wooden hardbait measures 13” total length and weighs about 3.5oz.  The MS Snake comes stock with 3/0 VMC trebles, heavy duty screw eyes and heavy duty split rings.  The bait is avail... more

Performance Tackle SBRX80M: Overview/History:  Performance Tackle is a high end shop located in Southern California.  It’s the kind of place where you could pick up the latest butterfly jigs and the latest 22nd Century 12 inch cut-tail Triple Trout.  Their custom freshwater bass rod lineup is extensive with 9 lines and 40 tot... more

Shimano Curado 200DPV Reel Review: Specifications:Retrieve ratio: 5.0:1 and 7.0:1Number of ball bearings: 5Number of roller bearings: 1Levelwind: Non-disengagingLeft hand retrieve available? YesLine retrieve per handle turn: 21/30 inchesLine capacity: 8/180, 10/155, 14/110Max Lbs of Drag: 16.0lbsWeight: 9.8ozDrag Material:  Dar... more

Kaenon Kore Sunglasses: Frame Material: unk (light plastic like material) Lens Material: Kaenon SR-91 Lens Material Lens colors reviewed: Yellow (Y-35) and Copper (C-12) Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large Overall Visibility:  For this review I am going to cover two lens colors, the Yellow Y-35 and the Copper C-12 lens.&n... more

Trout Fishing - Basic Guide to Dry Fly Fishing: Authors: Charley Dickey and Fred MosesPublished: 1975As a kid I remember sitting at the workbench in my Dad's garage staring at this book while trying to perfect the always difficult nail knot (neatly diagrammed on page 24).  I don't know if I ever did get it tied just right but I do kno... more

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