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By Rob BelloniApril 6, 2004

In the review pages my goal as reviewer is to provide accurate product information, high quality photos and video, and an honest opinion about the positive and negative aspects of each product reviewed.  Like anyone, I have my favorite lures but when I write the reviews here you have my assurance that what I write is not based on what my favorites are, who my sponsors are, or who sent me a free lure. 

Describing fishing lures and how they work or don’t work is a subjective discussion by nature and as a reviewer I realize that my opinion is just one opinion.  This is why each person who reads the reviews here is welcome to submit their own comments.  No matter what your background is, where you fish, how old you are, or how big or small the fish are that you’ve caught – your review is most welcome here.  For guidelines on writing your own review comments, click here.  A link is provided at the bottom of each review for you to add your feedback. 

For any manufacturers reading this, my message to you is this.  For the price of a lure you can get clean, crisp, high quality digital photographs of your lure, a link to your home page and a place to buy your product online if one is available.  You’ll also get a fair review of the product, and the opportunity for anyone searching online to get more information about it.  Take a moment to search for any popular swimbait on and odds are you’ll find these pages high in the search results.  It’s one of the cheapest methods out there to spread the word about your product. 

If you don’t see your product on the site and would like to see it there, please send me an email via the contact form and we’ll get to work on it.

-Rob Belloni

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