MS Slammer

The MS Slammer has been one of my most consistent producers for big fish ever since I bought my first bait in 1997 and I'm proud to say they were my first sponsor. Many swimbaits have come and gone since that time but the Slammer is one of those baits that you simply have to have in your box. My favorite Slammer is the 9" in the Dark Trout pattern. The Slammer is one of those baits that fish well at all speeds and it draws big bites, period.
Big Hammer Swimbaits

A Big Hammer swimbait is a lure that will catch pretty much any predatory fish that swims. My favorite is the 5" bait with a 3/4oz head and if I had to pick one color it would be the #13 Baitfish. If you're in to sight fishing, this is a must have item. I have my own color, #80 Rob's Bluegill which is specifically designed for this technique. The bait is chartreuse on the back for excellent visibility but the body is a blend of more natural bluegill tones. It's a one of a kind color but trust me, it gets bit on the nest.
Triple Fish Line

I started using Triple Fish for trout about 15 years ago and regardless of my sponsorship that came more recently, I would be fishing this line. I like the Camoescent line for general applications, and especially in the higher tests for jigs and swimbaits. The fluorocarbon is excellent for deep water and medium tackle applications like small jigs and cranks and the new X-Rated line is really something for abrasion resistance, limpness, and lack of stretch. You've got to try the 8lb X-Rated on spinning gear, it's phenomenal.

Tacklewarehouse.com is one of the premiere specialty bass store online today. If you're looking for high end west coast tackle at cheap prices with fast shipping, TW gets it done right. They have quality photographs of each and every item, and they include information right up front about whether the item is in stock or not. I buy 90% of my tackle through TW and believe that you will too once you experience the convenience and excellent customer service they offer.
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